Awesome Star Wars Battlefront II Roundtable Trailer

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The new sequel of Star Wars Battlefront II is coming and we are super excited If you are a fan of the franchise as well then check out this new 20-minute trailer providing an interview with three three cutting-edge studios that have combined forces to create the new game.


DICE Producer Craig McLeod, Criterion Executive Producer Matt Webster, and Motive Creative Director Mark Thompson explain more about what you can expect from the gameplay. As well as the design process involved in creating the new masterpiece.

Sid Shuman from Sony social media explains more about some of the features you can expect to enjoy in the highly anticipated sequel.

– Battlefront II was strongly influenced by player feedback from the original game. ”After a few months of play, [players] lacked long-term goals,” DICE’s Craig McLeod told me. “These are the things we are looking to nail in Battlefront II.” Prime examples of that increased depth and breadth include the addition of all three film eras, space combat in addition to ground combat, a detailed character progression system, and ongoing free updates to the multiplayer experience.

– Setting the new single-player campaign from the Empire’s perspective was partly borne out of gameplay necessity. “[Battlefront] is about being a soldier on the front lines in the Star Wars universe,” EA Motive’s Mark Thompson mentioned. “It’s about being an ace pilot in a starfighter in the skies. And it’s also about being a hero. We merged those three fantasies… and that’s why we landed on Imperial special forces.”

– The ambition extends to the game’s post-release DLC support. “We decided to embark down a model of seasons, themed around content drops,” McLeod explained. “We’ll look to keep the community together, that’s really important to us.” Shortly after launch, a Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi-themed content drop will hit, bringing a new planet, and new characters (Finn and Captain Phasma) will enter the fray.

Battlefront II, that will be available to play on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC systems from November 17th onwards.


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