Awesome Star Wars Games is Free This Week on Epic

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Star Wars: Squadrons will be one of the free games of the week at the Epic Games Store starting November 24. It’s an amazing spin on the classic X-Wing and TIE Fighter simulation games of the ’90s.

Squadrons is one of the best Star Wars games of the past many years. It features a 14-mission single-player campaign that serves as a prelude and training exercise for multiplayer. In dogfight mode, you’ll race against another team of five pilots to be the first to score 30 kills. However, the more tactical experience can be seen in Fleet Battles, which play out as a kind of phased tug-of-war between two enemy battlecruisers.

It’s tremendous fun and looks great – even when you switch the action to VR, which Squadrons supports in both single- and multiplayer modes. There’s a lovely attention to detail in each fighter’s cockpit, all of which have the lived-in dinginess of their on-screen counterparts in the original three Star Wars films.

Since its release, Squadrons has seen many new content updates, including the addition of the iconic B-wing and new maps.

Head to the Epic Games Store next week to claim your free copy of Star Wars: Squadrons.

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