Awesome Starwars BB-8 XBOX One Laptop

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Starwars BB-8 XBOX One Laptop

Edward Zarick, who is a custom rig creator has this week unveiled his latest creation in the form of the Starwars BB-8 XBOX One Laptop which is sure to be a hit with all Xbox gamers and Star Wars BB-8 fans.

Not only has Edward created an awesome custom portable gaming system in the style of a laptop, combining a screen and Xbox One, he has also created his very own BB-8 robot which helps him explain more about his latest BB-8 Edition – XBOOK One laptop.

We have all come to love the little droid in the new StarWars : Force Awakens movie! Brings us right back to the day that we first fell in love with R2-D2! Not only did I enjoy him in the movie, I was absolutely fascinated by how he worked. Of course magnets had to be involved, but that was all I had in mind and I went to researching the internet, and of course the internet responded with the BB-8 Builders Club on FaceBook. There were plenty of people, like myself, that wanted their very own BB-8. A lot of people have built R2-D2 replicas and they were already on the way to bring BB-8 to life!


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