Baby Monitors – Why And How To Choose One For Your Home

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 Baby Monitors

Parents start caring and concerning for a baby since the day they hear the good news. The moment they born, parents start taking extra care and concern for them even more than before. They take them to the doctor for ensuring that they are healthy. They take care of their food and choose everything for them so that they get the best. All these activities show their love towards the newborn baby. However, going an extra mile for a baby is a little difficult for parents who work. Somebody has to be at home for their care, and they should not leave the complete responsibility of the baby to the caretaker or babysitter.

It is difficult to monitor the baby and caretaker whenever you are out of the house. But, wait! Now you can monitor your baby using the baby monitor.

Why a baby monitor?

Many parents think that a baby monitor is useless and an outdated concept. Don’t underestimate the utility of these gadgets. These are very useful for your little heart, for your baby. Now and then we hear of accidents that are associated with babies at home just because nobody was present there to monitor them. If this is not enough to explain to you the importance of these useful assets, then read more reasons to find out its importance.

Reasons to use baby monitors:

Peace of mind

Having it will give you peace of mind that your baby is safely playing or sleeping in the room. Whether you are in the kitchen, restroom, or outside the home, your eyes will never go off from the little toddlers. Don’t you think it is better than to go and check every time to see whether he is safe or not? The baby monitor will do this work for you and you can have peace of mind and can do other works.

 Sound Sleep

Sleep is necessary for both parent and baby. But these little ones have no specific sleeping and wake up time. They may wake up even at night or may sleep during the whole day but your time is fixed. After the long day working you need good sleep but most of the night go restless. This makes you tired, and you feel unpleasant on the next day. Having a baby monitor will let you know that your baby is having a good sleep and now you can also take rest.

Give you space

Being a mother and a housewife, you have to do other works of the house like cleaning, washing, cooking and many more…but with a little one, even simple work becomes difficult and consume lots of your time. A baby monitor will assure you that your baby is taking rest and you can carry on this work. It gives you the flexibility of choosing the right time to complete your work. You can cook while he is sleeping in his room and no need to check to know if he is awake or not. The baby monitor will tell you.

Not only little ones, but you can also monitor toddlers and children using them. It will make parenting easy, and your babies will be safe. This tool is more than a gadget for parents, and thus they should buy one.

If you have decided that YES you need it, then you need to know a few more things about them. Continue reading to know more about them.

How to choose a baby monitor?

A baby monitor consists of two components-transmitter and receiver. Receivers are also called a parent unit. Some monitors are advanced, and you can even connect them with your smartphones, tablets, computers, or laptops. Markets of such gadgets offer a variety of products where some monitors give audio results whereas some transmit video images. Some can even track heart rate, body temperature, baby’s movements, and their position.

There are good, excellent, and even worse baby monitors on the market. In which the baby monitor from Levana is quite popular, So, how to identify which one is suitable for monitoring your baby? Follow the guidelines given below.

Guidelines for buying a baby monitor

Check for security-   both analog and digital monitors have security features. Digital ones offer the encrypted audio signal that others cannot listen to without opening the digital lock. Monitors with Digital enhanced cordless technology are best for buying.

Features– they have both audio and video features that allow you to watch the babies. Audio ones are less expensive but offer fewer options whereas video monitors have a variety of them. You can zoom or change the screen size of videos. Many work smoothly with other smart devices and allow you an excellent user experience. Some also track the baby’s signals and when signals change it inform parents by sending alerts.  Some smart monitors are capable of predicting the wake-up time of the baby. So, must look for one with smart features.

Frequency- it is crucial to check the frequency of monitors so that they pose no problems while sending signals. The basic model comes with 49MHz; others use 900MHz that delivers signals to long-range but interferes with signals of the cordless phone. New ones use 2.4GHz frequency but still have some interference problems with the frequency of Wi-Fi systems. The latest 1.9GHZ support DECT monitors are prone to the least interference and also offer the best security.

Size- buys the one with a small size so that you can carry it easily.

Battery indicator– some monitors come with a battery indicator to inform you when the battery runs out. It sends alarms or lights to inform about the battery’s condition.

Multiple receivers–   buy the one having multiple receivers so that you can use both, one in at different room and the other outside the house. Some monitors are also compatible to work with additional receivers that you purchase from the market.

Multiple transmitters- use monitors that have multiple transmitters so that you can watch their position in different rooms. Place them in your bedroom, living room, and playroom and watch all their activities.

Baby monitors are not very expensive, and the cost of basic models starts from just $25. More advanced monitors that have multiple features may be quite expensive, but overall they are within your budget. Although price matters when it comes to the safety of your little ones then nothing is expensive.

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