Bandai Namco Announces Its First Console MMO Called BLESS UNLEASHED

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Today, Bandai Namco announced Blessed Unleashed, which will be the studio’s first free-to-play MMO for a console. The new game is set to release for the Xbox One in 2019.

Bless Unleashed will feature an “untamed world with a rich backstory created with hardcore MMO gamers in mind,” Bandai Namco said in a statement. The game is currently in development by Round 8 Studio of NEOWIZ, which is the South-Korea developer of Bless Online, which was released on Steam early access back in May.

The game will be created with the Unreal Engine 4 and will feature five character classes for players to choose from. The game’s combat mechanics will feature cooperative and competitive (PvP) multiplayer.

Bandai Namco describes the elements players can expect in Bless Unleashed as it features a vast environment with a rich backstory explicitly tailored for MMO gamers.

“Players will dive into an epic multiplayer journey across a vibrant persistent world where gods and mythical beast exists. Bless Unleashed takes place in an untamed world with a rich backstory created with hardcore MMO gamers in mind.”

Bless Unleashed will be released on Xbox One in 2019.


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