Batman: Arkham Origins Initiation Trailer

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Batman: Arkham Origins Initiation Trailer Showcases Narrative Challenge Maps

After overcoming a launch plagued by game-breaking bugs and middle of the road reviews, Batman: Arkham Origins is preparing to throw a new fury of attacks at young Bruce Wayne. Players who survived the freezes and corrupted save files are likely finished with the Arkham Origins campaign and ready for some new challenges. Gamers that enjoyed the entertaining (but slightly familiar) adventure will have an opportunity to take on a brand-new mission starting tomorrow.

December 3, 2013 marks the release of the newest add-on content for Arkham Origins. The Initiation Challenge map pack flashes Batman’s story back even further than the Origins campaign mode. Consumers picking up the DLC will take control of a pre-cape and cowl Bruce, as he hones his budding martial arts skills.

The DLC pack includes a new challenge campaign with four unique challenge maps and two original skins – Initiation Bruce Wayne and Vigilante Bruce Wayne. Interested parties will be able to snag the maps and skins for $6.99. If you happen to have already purchased the Season Pass for Origins, then the Initiation DLC is already covered.


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