Battle For Azeroth Dungeon Overview

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Battle For Azeroth

In the new expansion, “Battle for Azeroth”, developers introduce a total of 10 new dungeons wow on Kul-Tiras and Zandalar. There are 4-5 bosses in one instance, 6 to 9 subjects will drop. The dungeons are divided into fractions. For the Alliance and the Horde, four dungeons are provided at the stage of pumping, and the fifth open after reaching level 120. The following locations are available for the Horde:

Atal’Dazar. Dungeon in the mountainous area of Zandalar. Previously, the majestic temple served as a tomb for the kings of the local trolls. Now a mysterious sect has settled here. Four bosses are waiting for the players inside: Priestess Alun’za, Vol’kaal, Rezan and Yazma. They all serve in the brotherhood of dark magic. The level of the equipment that you get is 310-325. Armor is mostly a chain mail, in addition, some bosses give accessories.

Temple of Sethraliss. Sacred location for humanoid snakes that inhabit the territory of the Vol’dun. In this temple they worship their deceased Deity Setralis, who once defended his race. Here his followers waited for rebirth, but the dark forces enslaved their minds over time. In the dungeon, players will battle with four bosses that are associated with the history of the Temple: Adderis and Aspix, Merektha, Galvazzt and Avatar of Sethraliss. You can get an equipment of level 273-325, most of all plate and cloth armor.

The pendant. In the depths of the Nazmir location, there is a reason why it slowly drowns in spreading corruption. There is a hidden infection in the dungeon Pognilye. Players will eliminate the cause of the plague, and stop its spread throughout the mainland. Bosses: Elder Leaxa, Cragmaw the Infested, Sporecaller Zancha, Unbound Abomination. All four are related to the spread of spoilage in Nazmira. Items of a 273-325 level, superiority towards the skin, mail armor and weapons. With the last boss, you can get transport Underrot Crawg Harness in a mythical mode of complexity.

King’s Rest. A sacred dungeon for all blood trolls. All the rulers are buried here According to local beliefs after death, kings can find complete peace for their body with a soul only in this city for the dead. Bosses: The Golden Serpent, Mchimba the Embalmer, The Council of Tribes and Dazar, The First King. The latter was the first ruler of the bloody troll empire. Outfit 310-325 level, most of all leather, armor, and weapons. With the boss Dazar, The First King on the mythical complexity there is a chance to get a mount Mummified Raptor Skull.

Kezan Island. After the attack of Sargeras on Azeroth, the eruption of the mountain Kajaro happened here. As a result, there were places for extraction

an expensive resource of Azerit. Mogul Razdunk was the first who arrived here with his goblins and created a trading empire for the illegal sale of material. He will also be the last boss, from which there is a chance to get a Schematic recipe: Mecha-Mogul Mk2 to create a unique transport by engineers. The other three bosses are Coin-Operated Crowd Pummeler, Azerokk and Rixxa Fluxflame. The level of received things is 273-325, most of all cloth and armor.
The bfa dungeons of the Alliance faction are also rich in unique items and their history.

Freehold. This city was captured completely by pirates and villains of all stripes, who escaped from the justice of the authorities on Kul-Tiras. When the population became much larger, the main pirate clans decided to take control of them, and the heroes should prevent it by their campaigns. Four bosses are waiting for players: Skycap’n Kragg, Council o ‘Captains, Ring of Booty, and the main one is Harlan Sweete. It is from the last opponent that Sharkbait’s Favorite Crackers can be transported on mythical difficulty. There are also unique items for transmogrification in the pirate Gaping Maw Shoulderguard and Sharkbait’s Fishhook. The level of equipment is 273-325, most of all is provided for armor, cloth, and weapons.

Waycrest Manor. Once the ancient estate was used by one of the most influential houses of Kul-Tiras. At one point, Lord and Lady Waycrest stopped coming out, which was the reason for all sorts of rumors. Local people talked about rituals, dark magic, disappearances of people, but the group of 5 heroes will have to sort out everything. Inside the dungeon, there are five bosses: Witch Council, Wicker Goliath, Gluttony, Lord and Lady Waycrest and Drust King. Items level 273-325, many accessories, leather, and armor. Interesting loot can be called the Intact Chicken Brain companion and recipe: Heartsbane Hexwurst. 

Tol Dagor. The island near the shores of Kul-Tiras was used as a prison for dangerous criminals from the continent. After the purchase of the territory by traders from the company Ashvane, in Tol Dagor all those who are dissatisfied with the policy of the organization began to secretly arrive. Heroes are to destroy such tyranny and release the captives. There will be a fight with four bosses: The Sand Queen, Jes Howlis, Knight Captain Valyri, and Overseer Korgus. The level of the items is 273-325, enough of all types of armor and weapons for some classes.

Shrine of the Storm. In all times of existence, the location served as a place for the blessing of the ships of Kul-Tiras before going to sea.

Many people believed that due to this the fleet of the continent is one of the strongest in Azeroth. In the Shrine of the Storm, some evildoers have announced that they want to seize the source of power and the heroes of the Alliance must prevent this. Bosses: Aqu’sirr, Tidesage Council, Lord Stormsong and Vol’zith the Whisperer. The toy Ensemble toy falls from the third enemy: Vestments of the Tidesages. Outfit 273-325 levels, many armors of all varieties, most of the pieces of armor. 

Siege of Boralus. Among wow dungeons bfa this location is similar in concept to the Quarter of the Stars. According to the story, Lady Ashvane with its troops besieges the capital of Kul-Tiras. If it falls, a new evil ruler will appear on the continent. In the level 120 dungeon, the player will fight with the attackers of the attacking side. There are five bosses: Chopper Redhook, Sergeant Bainbridge, Dread Captain Lockwood, Hadal Darkfathom and Viq’Goth. Mainly in equipment, leather, cloth, accessories and weapons for all grades 310-325 levels.


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