Battle Ready Jeep Wranglers

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Jeep Wranglers

US military is looking for new vehicles for the role of their troop carrier. HUMVEE is obsolete now and it becomes a gad guzzling dinosaur which are hard to maintained anymore. A contractor called Hendrick Dynamics has an idea for a lightweight and affordable battlefield vehicle for special needs that is based on a Jeep Wrangler. Which is not a bad idea to begin with.

Commando which is a prototype concept and Jeep is by military standards it would be inexpensive. If the military buys the Commando, it would put the Jeep back on the battlefield where the Willys MB started back in 1941. Which is the most iconic military vehicle ever.

Hendrick Dynamics has built about two dozen prototypes. The truck can run on diesel fuel like other military vehicles and a big benefit of the design is that parts are available all around the world.

The Wrangler is a popular and capable vehicle right off the assembly line. The military hasn’t approved the vehicle yet, it seems the request for proposals for the vehicle are due by the end of the year. The Wrangler is one of the most popular Jeep models ever made with over 240,000 built last year by Fiat Chrysler.

Via: Detroit News


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