Battle Royale Game BLOODHUNT Release Date Revealed

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Sharkmob is striving to deliver a truly enjoyable, player-focused experience with their new battle royale game Bloodhunt. It is a free-to-play experience with crossplay and set in the well-known universe, Vampire: The Masquerade.

In this bloodthirsty third-person action shooter, players will take to the streets of Prague for epic battles between ruthless vampires fighting to dominate the night armed with supernatural powers, weapons, and more. Players can use the customization feature to play as a personalized vampire of their own creation and choose a Clan allegiance to define their playstyle then let their personality shine! Best of all, they have promised that there will be no “pay-to-win” or similar mechanics.

Bloodhunt will release on April 27th for free on PC via Steam and PlayStation 5. They are also offering a pre-order deal on PlayStation that includes over 100 customization items, 14 Outfits, 10 Character Emotes, 12 Body Art Items (Tattoos & Piercings), 6 Makeup Looks, 2 Pieces of Eyewear, 2 Hair and Eye Colors, 36 Player Icons, and 26 Player Card Backgrounds.

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