Battleborn Ghalt & Deande Introduction Video

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Battleborn Ghalt & Deande

2K Games and Gearbox Software revealed two new playable heroes for their upcoming cooperative first-person shooter, Battleborn.

The developers release character highlight videos for Ghalt & Deande.

Ghalt and Deande are integral to the plot of Battleborn‘s Story Mode.

Ghalt is the leader of the Battleborn, carries the banner in the fight to save the last star, Solus.

He sends out a rallying cry to gather heroes after the fall of the second-to-last star.

He equips revolver shotgun, the hook, scraptraps and also has the ability to dual wield the shotguns.

Deande is a thousand year old spymistress for the Jennerit Empire, spending her many years secretly attempting to sabotage the enemy’s star killing campaign, but Solus being the only star left, she joins Ghalt and his Battleborn to attack the enemy head on.

She uses Tessurium war fans as her primary weapon, capable of lightning-quick close range combo strikes; Holotwin, a hologram that explodes after 8 seconds or if she’s killed; Her ultimate weapon, Burst Dash; Deande’s ultimate ability, Blink Storm, which unleashes an onslaught of rapid strikes that stuns upto five enemies, while also doing a massive damage.

Pre-order the game on PS4 to receive the Firstborn Pack, which includes skins for Thorn, Reyna, Montana, Marquis, and Rath.

Battleborn is due out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on May 3, 2016.


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