BATTLEFIELD 1 Teaser With New In-Game Footage

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DICE has released a new teaser showing in-game footage of Battlefield 1. and it is BRILLIANT!

The teaser’s another look at the game’s new emphasis on melee combat, which DICE has been trumpeting since it was announced – and if that brief shot from a first-person view is anything to go by, careering bloodily through one of history’s most horrifying conflicts is going to look just lovely.

The teaser comes alongside new information about the game’s weapons on the Battlefield 1 website, which reveals that the game includes six ranged weapon classes, with every gun now coming with customization through “pre-set Loadouts” rather than previous games’ numerous individual attachments.

On the melee side, different close-quarters weapons will have their own speed and damage stats, while some will also double as tools for destroying barricades or damaging vehicles. I know that the last one is probably a spike to burst wheels, but I’m hoping it’s just a massive hammer that can flatten Jeeps.

On top of that, adding a bayonet to your gun will allow you to perform a charge attack, seemingly like some old-school Halo energy sword business.

Battlefield 1 will be released on October 21 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.


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