Battlefield 2042 Takes Down Russian Helicopter Skin

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Russian Helicopter Skin

Battlefield 2042 developers DICE last week offered, then pulled, a limited-release skin that featured an attack helicopter for the game’s Russian faction.

For a while now, the online shooter has been giving out special rewards for players who can achieve certain weekly challenges, sometimes in the image of Specialist outfits, sometimes skins for weapons and vehicles. The Russian skin, called the “Grin Reaper”, featured an aggressive smile based on the famous “shark tooth” custom of aircraft art that dates back to the First World War. It went live then, with events in Ukraine rapidly worsening, was now withdrawn:

It was a smart move on the part of developers DICE for anyone looking at this skin in seclusion, but it also makes a strange precedent where this special item was seen to be in bad taste.

The taken-down skin hasn’t been replaced; anyone booting up the game will see an empty area of the screen where a player’s progress towards the current weekly prize would normally be. DICE says “weekly missions will return” later this week, and haven’t ruled out this skin comes back at a later date.

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