Battlefield 4 Axe Commercial Features Nonexistent Female Soldier

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The representation of women in video games has been a big issue over the last year or so. From the small pool of lead female characters to the absurd attire of women in action-based games, the debate has been a hot one with supporters and detractors loud on both sides of the coin. Several issues have really highlighted the debate, with merely the mention of gaming feminist, Anita Sarkeesian, bringing comment sections collapsing upon themselves.

Another footnote in the debate of late has been the discussion of women in modern military games. It all started when it was revealed Battlefield 4 would – like its predecessors – would not include playable female soldiers in multiplayer. The excuse by developer DICE was rather confusing and unclear but focused on “geo-politics” and the relationship with “actors.” It was all very odd considering how the single player campaign includes a female character and it the issue got more attention when it was revealed that Call of Duty: Ghosts would include playable female soldiers.

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