Battlefield 4 – massive Megalodon shark Easter Egg

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Megalodon shark Easter Egg

Players discover the prehistoric Megalodon lurking in the waters of the Battlefield 4  new Nansha Strike map. This is an incredible thing to find and we are so psyched to find it ourselves… To the battle-stations!!!

An enemy lurks in the waters of Battlefield 4’s new Nansha Strike map, but it might not be what you expect. Battlefield 4 players have finally discovered a virtual version of the prehistoric Megalodon shark and it does not disappoint.

YouTuber JackFrags made the discovery following the release of the Naval Strike DLC this week, which introduced the Nansha Strike map. He pieced together some clues last year that led him to believe the creature was stirring in the waters, but he was unable to discover the beast until this week.

“When it happened for the first time I didn’t think it was real like I had imagined it or something,” JackFrags said on Twitter. He said he asked the other players on the server if they saw the shark as well and they reported that they did. “The reaction was amazing,” he said.



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