Battlefield 5 will be more Destructive

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Battlefield 4 beta starts..

Battlefield 4 is just around the corner and the developer has said Battlefield 5 will feature “more destruction” than its predecessors.

When asked by the New York Times about what players can expect from Battlefield 5, producer Patrick Bach said “More features. More extras. More destruction.”

“Every new game needs to be the next big thing,” he added.

Bach also pointed to the gameplay of Battlefield as its reason for success, rather than its story and narrative. Single-player is still relatively new to the Battlefield series, with 2011’s Battlefield 3 the first numbered entry in the series to feature a full single-player campaign.

“The story is just the coating on the game,” said Bach. “The game is now the experience of playing it.”

“I hate to say this, but storytelling does not come naturally to Swedes,” added EA exec Patrick Soderlund. “But we’re good at designing systems, and that’s what these games really are. Minecraft puts a box in front of you and says, ‘Do whatever you want with it.’ The battlefield is a system designed for entertainment rather than for telling you a story.”

Swedish developer DICE is also working on a new Star Wars: Battlefront–which Bach has said is “scary” for the developer–and Mirror’s Edge 2, with both games being formally announced at E3 2013.


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