Battlefield Hardline: Criminal Activity Will Be Released Next Week

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Battlefield Hardline: Criminal Activity

Visceral Games has announced that the Battlefield Hardline: Criminal Activity DLC will be released next week. However, first, the DLC will only be released for Premium members. Once this exclusivity period is over for Premium members, Visceral will release the DLC for all users.

Battlefield Hardline players will have several new weapons and ammo in the Criminal Activity DLC, stuff like AP tracer rounds, breaching rounds, a pump-action bullpup shotgun, a new assault rifle, battle rifle, submachine gun, and more.

The Nail Gun is included in this DLC which has a 10 nail capacity and can carry four magazines. You can find it lying around in the Criminal Activity maps. You’ll want to get this because it is pretty lethal and takes just one shot to the head to take someone out. This DLC also has a new lowrider car and pick-up truck, which is nice.

The Battlefield Hardline: Criminal Activity DLC will be released for Premium members on June 16th, then two weeks later for everybody else.



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