BATTLEFIELD V Details Surfaced

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Developer EA revealed the pre-order details of Battlefield V a few days ago and now they revealed new details about the upcoming and latest installment to the popular franchise. The game will be released on October 19 for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

The game is currently available for preorder. If you want to buy the game’s Deluxe Edition, Those who preorder will be getting early access to Battlefield V and can start playing on October 16.  If you are subscribed to EA Access, you’ll be able to play the game even earlier on October 11. Furthermore, players who pre-order any edition of the game that contains the Battlefield V Enlister Officer will receive access to the Open Beta and other exclusive benefits such as soldier customization options and access to five weapons.

Battlefield V will explore the events of World War 2. But, instead of concentrating on legendary battles from history, developer DICE aims to shine a light on untold stories during the historical events. One of the stories that DICE revealed was of a female resistance fighter who is on a mission to save her family. Also, Battlefield V will also give a new co-op mode called Combined Arms where players will team up into a four-person squad playing the role of a paratrooper. The mission is to get behind enemy lines, which will give a stealth approach to complete objectives.

Rumors have been circling regarding the presence of a battle royale mode in Battlefield V particularly after Black Ops 4 revealed that the new game will come with the mode. However, EA announced that Battlefield V will have their own unique take on the popular mode. Dubbed as the Last Stand, this won’t be a standalone mode but will be the final round of Grand Operations. Players will be fighting for four rounds which equals four in-game days. Resources will below, and all players will compete until one player remains. However, the game incentives players who stay in a squad as it is the only way to obtain ammo and health items.

EA’s Battlefield V will be released on October 19 for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.


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