Battlefield V Will Have a Single-Player Mode

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Battlefield 1
It was revealed yesterday (via IGN) that EA’s Battlefield V will have a single-player option for gamers. While speaking to investors, EA CEO Andrew Wilson gave a brief description of what modes to assume in the next Battlefield game:

“With our next Battlefield game, the team at DICE is bringing the intensity of combat to life in new and unexpected ways. Every battle is unique, and every mode brings its own challenges – from the way you interact with the environment around you, to compelling single-player stories, to the next level of large-scale multiplayer that spans across multiple maps and modes.”

This news comes after Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 also revealed single-player mode, instead of focusing on developing the multi-player option and Battle Royale mode.

Battlefield V reportedly will take place during World War II, taking a note from Battlefield I‘s World War I setting. There have been rumors that the game might take place during the Vietnam War, but that rumor doesn’t carry too much weight.

Battlefield V coming out in October 2018.


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