Be Pac-Man In The Bandai Namco’s New Mobile Game PAC-MAN GEO!

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Pac-Man is evolving and now it breaks out from the usual arcade mazes and start appearing in the crazy maze styles that are our city streets! Bandai Namco has officially released Pac-Man Geo on both iOS and Android for gamers to take the iconic hungry yellow ball and send him out into our world. Using Google Maps, gamers can have Pac-Man visit big cities, local cities, and landmarks, both big and small.

After experiencing quarantine and not being unable to go outside for a good part of 2020, I have to say that this is a celebrated surprise release. It battles similar games, such as Pokemon GO, and gives players a new way to go outdoors and to invest their time in walking around more. Whether you have taken to return to your local parks or your neighborhood, or however, you choose to keep yourself moving about, now you can do it while playing Pac-Man!


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