Become The President Of United States In THIS IS THE PRESIDENT

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Gamers with political ambitions are in luck, Now there is a game for them to try their luck; THQ Nordic and SuperPAC are launching a new game with just that basis later this year. This is the President is the new, debut title from SuperPAC, a Belarus-based game studio that was built by the same developers behind the hit game This is the Police.

In the new game, players will take on the most influential role in the whole world: President of the United States. The twist, however, is that the President is a thief and is under federal investigation for businesses methods from before becoming the president. Players will have to find a way to keep their immunity even after leaving office.

The game plays in a way similar to This is the Police, with players controlling resources and making arrangements with different characters to solve a mixture of problems. Player choice is key to how the game proceeds and can lead to various endings depending on how successful (or feared) the President is when the game ends.

This is the President will be the first game from SuperPAC, with oversight from the creators of its sister franchise, This is the Police. This is the Police was an indie hit game that was released on PC before eventually making its way to consoles and mobile phones.

This is the President will be released on December 6th, 2021 for PC via Steam.

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