Becoming a Good AWPer and Climbing the Ranks

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As a hardcore fan of Counter-Strike Global Offensive, you should already know that the AWP is the deadliest gun in the game.

The AWP will often help you make many frags if you learn to use it effectively in competitive matches- that can help you progress through ranks much faster.

CS:GO ranking system reinvented the game, and now Counter-Strike feels like the older versions but improved in many ways.

It’s hard to imagine CS:GO without the ranks, and to fully utilize them, you should develop skills that will help you climb the ladder and compete with some of the best players in the game.

Here’s how you can learn to use one of the deadliest guns in the game and make your way to Global Elite status.


Practice Your Reaction Time

You could never become a pro-AWPer if you don’t invest time in practicing your reflexes and reaction time.

CS:GO is a fast-paced game in which a split-second decision and reaction time will get you frags without getting killed in the process.

One of the best ways to practice your reflexes is by playing BOTs on a closed server, where you can learn to make quick decisions based on the situation you got in.

Start with playing on easy mode, and as soon as you start to get better and quicker, increase the difficulty level until you can face even the smartest BOTs and wipe them out.

It’s a different story when you play other players, but with pre-trained reaction time, you’ll have better chances of transferring your new skill to live matches.


Practice on AWP Training Maps

Luckily, the CS:GO developers realized that the perfect way for training how to use AWP is by using it in training maps filled with BOTs.

You can find different map styles and game modes to help you practice different scenarios and ranges, as it’s the closest you can get outside a live match to a real thing.

AWP training maps allow you to shoot BOTs in motion or while they’re standing still in long ranges. Some AWP maps are only a fragment of their full version, such as a bombsite, where you can learn how to cover it while the opposing team tries to charge it.

The best way to learn and train your reflexes is by playing these maps for quite some time until you perfected your AWP skills. The method is time-consuming, but it’s very satisfying.


Work on Your Accuracy

No reflexes and reaction time in this world will be useful if you don’t have enough accuracy to pull off the frag.

You can use practice maps to learn to aim in different ranges while the target is on the move or camping behind a crate waiting to get fragged.

The recoil of the AWP is something you need to consider when trying to improve the shot accuracy. Only skilled players know how the gun will recoil and affect the accuracy when you shoot it on different ranges, and that’s something you need to start practicing.

You can start by shooting small things on a map and then switch to moving targets. After that, the ultimate skill level you can achieve is firing on the go and doing quick scopes.

You will not shoot AWP only on long ranges, so you need to be ready to handle close-range combats.


Adjust the Setting for Best AWP Gameplay

Everyone has different settings in their options, and mouse sensitivity is one of those things.

DPI of a mouse and the game resolution will determine how you should set your in-game mouse sensitivity- should you go for low or high sensitivity.

Some say that the best way is to go for a mid-range DPI and use lower mouse sensitivity in the game options.

That’s only a recommendation, but you test all the options until you feel like that’s the perfect setting for your taste. You might find recommended settings online, but in the end, it’s all about how you use them to fit your play style.


Positioning Is Essential

Learning how to position yourself when using AWP in CS:GO is crucial for using it effectively in competitive matches.

All the AWP pros know the perfect locations where they can cover important angles or have a chance to cover multiple angles at the same time.

If you learn to exploit small openings where you can stay hidden, your chances of getting frags and helping the team to win increase drastically, and you will win more matches.

The best way to learn these positions is by watching pros and how they’re doing. Twitch and YouTube are perfect for watching streams where pros highlight their skills and knowledge.

You will find all you need to know about AWP positioning while watching these streams without a doubt.


Be Unpredictable

One of the most common mistakes while playing with AWP is getting in the same position repeatedly where everyone can expect you to be.

It’s not hard to eliminate the player with AWP if you know where he’s hiding.

Learn how to play unpredictably and change locations as the match progresses. You’ll have more chances of winning when you pop up where no one can expect you to be there.

Every map has multiple locations from where you can utilize AWP effectively, and it’s up to you to learn how to use them all.

Learning how to use AWP in CS:GO will help you climb the ranks ladder much faster as you’ll have a much better K/D ratio.

Take our advice and start practicing today, as you’re not the only one trying to improve your CS:GO skills- the competition will only get stronger as time passes.

Be ahead of them, and good luck on your road to a Global Elite rank.

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