Bedjet – Personal Cooling And Heating Climate Control System

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Bedjet - Personal Cooling And Heating Climate Control System

Designed by Mark Aramli, a former spacesuit engineer for NASA, the device will latch on to the side of your bed then blow either cool or warm air between the sheets. Why waste energy cooling or heating the entire bedroom, after all, when the bed is all you really need to get at just the right temperatures?

The Bedjet is, basically, a tiny fan that you can use to cool down the bed during summer and warm it up during these cold winter nights. It works by generating a cushion of air between the sheet and your Astronaut Duvet, causing a tenting effect that allows air to spread across the bed at even temperatures. Granted, your electric blanket can probably warm the bed just fine during cold months, but the Bedjet bests it via efficiency, warming the bed to desired temperatures in only three minutes, apart from being viable for summer use, too.

This is answer to everything outdoor and at home if you are running on a budget! Smart weather control?

Bedjet is currently collecting funds for a production run on Kickstarter. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $249.


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