Beer Sonic Foamer

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Beer Sonic Foamer

Sporting a form factor similar to USB cup warmers and coolers, there’s a tray on top for setting down your glass of brew. Instead of cooling or warming it, however, the device will make the beer produce a thick head of foam, just like when you sloppily pour beer straight to the bottom of the container.

Why would you want foam on your beer? According to Sonic Foamer, the foam will help bring out the beverage’s aroma, allowing discerning beer drinkers (apparently, they’re not just mythical creatures — they exist) to enjoy the ultimate flavor out of their favorite brews. To use, simply pour two teaspoons of water on the tray, put down your glass of beer on it, and push the button to activate the ultrasonic frequency, which creates a blast of bubbles that produces a thick foam on top of your glass.

To ensure the beer doesn’t overflow, it’s recommended you only fill the glass up to 60 percent. You should also use refrigerated beer — otherwise, the pretty bubbles might not happen.

The Sonic Foamer is available now, priced at $39.99. 

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