Beerbots Are Here!

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This is really a first world problem, but there is nothing worse than when you are sitting on the couch having a beer and you run out. Then you have to get up, go to the kitchen, open the fridge, open the beer, walk back to the couch, and try to get comfortable again.It is the worst.

You want to keep the beer as cold as possible and keeping a cooler by the couch is a little WT. Thankfully, some roboticists at MIT are hard at work solving this problem. They’ve created some robotic butlers whose sole purpose in life is to get beers for lazy humans. The Beerbots take specific orders as to what people want and then go to the fridge and get them. The bots load them up in a cold storage container and then return them to the thirsty humans for their drinking pleasure.

This is the best use of the bots so far, Now I will know why they will rise up and kill us all! It is because of our laziness drinking habits. They will be the new slaves and if history repeats itself, Then we know already what happens to the masters.


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