BEFORE WE LEAVE Hits PlayStation Store, Trailer Released

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The cozy little game Before We Leave has finally been available on PlayStation! Team17 and Balancing Monkey Games have announced that the sci-fi city builder is now on Playstation 4 and Playstation 5.

Take control of a little planet and newly appearing survivors of a global disaster to grow, reconstruct, and maintain a prosperous new civilization… while avoiding the occasional space whale. With six unique biomes, players get to start from scratch so to speak with their chosen planet. After nearly being wiped out, the surviving remnant of people or ‘Peeps’ rely on you to completely rebuild what they lost and also take that future to new extremes. With the options to invest time into great new technology, the planets overall health and wellbeing, finding bizarre relics, and keeping the general happiness of their Peeps, there is no shortage of content to have fun with.

Being able to play this little city builder on the big screen will never be more satisfying. As a special event, there will be a 20% launch discount at the PlayStation store until the 19th of April. Check out the trailer below.

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