Behemoth PS VR2 Adventure Game Revealed

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Behemoth PS VR2

“With the world-building and narrative of Behemoth, we sought to blend together several genres. We wanted the framework of an epic adventure, where you pit yourself against gigantic monsters as you strive against a looming danger that threatens to consume you.

But we also wanted to maintain the gritty survivalism that is present in our Walking Dead titles – the environment is brutal and unforgiving, and there is no one to rely on but yourself. Mixed in with these elements, we added a dash of folk horror, with themes of sacrifice and cruelty within the natural world, secrets of the past, and glimpses of darker realities. In Behemoth, the dread of the unknown is always with you.”

A cinematic trailer has been unleashed for Behemoth delivering a glimpse at what you can expect from the characters, storyline, and mechanics of the intolerant world you will need to endure. As sooner more details are revealed either by Sony or Skydance Interactive regards a release date for the new game and PlayStation virtual reality 2 headset we will keep you engaged.

“We really wanted to capture a world that was both brutal and beautiful. The people here are all outcasts, sent to this distant corner of the world to live out their final days among the Behemoths, and we wanted the danger and monolithic scale of these creatures to be reflected in the landscapes. Great, sheer cliffs descend into the foggy unknown.

A massive glacier looming over a ruined coast. Caves that descend through darkness into massive underground lakes. And threaded into all of it is the ancient remnants of a collapsed civilization, and the secrets its ruins may still hold. Ultimately, everything is reclaimed by nature. And that’s how it feels to wander the Forsaken Lands, that your fate could be the same.”– Dylan Scher, Principal Concept Artist”

“The boss battles against the behemoths have to be experienced. Facing monolithic enemies is another place where we felt we could take the familiar concept of the boss battle, and surprise the player, showing them the difference between playing a game and stepping into one. In headset, the beasts are terrifying, towering and the challenge they present is significant. Tracking one down will push players to their limits. Complex traversal puzzles, harsh landscapes littered with desperate savages and the horrific remnants of an ancient disease will all stand in your way as you track down the Behemoths”

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