Benefits of Android 8.0 Oreo for IT Pros

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Android 8.0 Oreo

Take an advantage of new features proposed by a new version of Android OS: simplify your IT work to the max.

Android 8.0 Oreo: New Helpful Features for IT Pros

Till recent times the possibility of working on the go, using just a handheld device connected to the Internet, seemed sci-fi-esque. Today it is a common reality – and every day the possibilities of specialists who utilize smartphones and tablets in their work grow every day.

The latest version of Android, one of the most popular mobile OS, brings new convenient features and advantages that can simplify the work of any person who works using a smartphone: protection from ransomware, longer battery life and better messaging.

Ransomware protection

Sooner or later any active user of the Internet would face ransomware: malware that locks the device and sends messages with requests to pay a fee or disclose personal information. Until the recent update, Android OS was vulnerable to such malware, but the new version of the OS is protected.

Integrated auto-fill

There is no need to memorize your account information as new auto-fill does it for you. With help of this feature your emails, passwords and personal information will be entered easily. The big disadvantage: usage of this feature calls for biometrics to make sure that no one else is able to take an advantage of your personal information.

Improved battery life

Battery drain was one of the most crucial issues of any smartphone till the launch of Oreo. Thus, this version of Android terminates amount of work completed by apps in the background. In addition, some background services will be blocked in order to prolong the battery life.

No missed notifications

A new feature of the OS called Notification Channels allows you to manage alerts easily. You select when it is an appropriate time for notifications, what alerts receive priority status and each app will work with this feature in its own way that you can customize.

Window within window

Thanks to the size of the screens of nowadays smartphones and new possibility of Oreo (to be honest, such feature is available at Windows Phone and iOS also), users will have a possibility to look at two windows on the screen at the same time, allowing them to be more productive and make data on the phone more accessible.

More convenient maps

Now Google Maps launch with help of one tap: there is no need to open the app and type down the location to find out the route.

What about Google Play?

Oreo takes the protection of Google Play to another level: with its help, you will be able to be notified about potentially dangerous apps and take an advantage of Find My Device feature that allows users to locate the lost phone or swipe data from the stolen device.

Another useful update is made to Google Play Console: Android added Financial Reports that help developers to find out about subscriptions to their apps, User Acquisition tool helps to monitor user behavior in the app.

There are plenty of other workable features and options that Android Oreo brings: give it a try!


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