Benefits of Installing a VPN: Protect Your Apps and Private Data

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It is safe to say that the internet is a place everyone visits every day. The expansion of technological advancements has placed the internet on the number one spot for users all around the world. It is used to provide us information, allow us to chat with friends and family and it has opened a lot of doors to working remotely or online.

However, the internet can sometimes be a dangerous place and it seems we think little about our safety while online. Luckily, with VPN and the benefits of installing a VPN this can easily change. With their revolutionary advancements in internet security, VPN providers are on the rise each day.


Why do you need to protect your data and information?

As we mentioned above, the internet has provided us with many benefits. Yet, we have seemed to forget about the potential issues that may arise from this. Being connected to a public internet (like coffee shops, restaurants, airports) can leave us quite unprotected and exposed to many cybercriminal activities online.

When connected to a public server, you are sharing the network with a lot of people. This means that the data you are using and the private information, such as bank account information, passwords, and usernames, search history, etc. can easily be tracked and hacked into by a third-party.

One of the most common threats on the internet are scammers and hackers. These people are individuals with adequate skills that pose a threat to people who are using the public internet without caution. They can gain access to certain information, accounts, or other personal information that could put the user in danger.


What is VPN?

VPN or Virtual Private Network is an essential internet tool that allows the user to safely browse the internet. One of the main purposes of VPN is to provide a safe and pleasant online experience for the user. By creating a single-shared network that connects the user’s device to the virtual server selected, it creates a shield that prevents any third-party viewers from intercepting or peaking into the user’s internet traffic.

VPN creates a tunneled network to connect you to the internet safely

Looking at the bigger picture, the benefits of installing a VPN are much bigger than the disadvantages, as there are practically no disadvantages to this tool. Another great feature of top-notch VPN providers is that the software has a no-log policy. This means that once the user has disconnected from a certain server all the information considering internet history, download history, and website visits will be deleted on site. This adds an additional layer of protection for the user and allows a safer online experience.


The benefits of installing a VPN

As we mentioned above, the benefits of installing a VPN are many. However, we will talk about some of the main benefits the user will experience once they downloaded the app:

IP address safety – Internet Protocol address or IP address is an address that reveals the physical location of the user. This allows hackers and other third-party viewers to pinpoint the exact location of the user and abuse this knowledge. Once you have selected a virtual address via the VPN app you change the physical location of the server. This means that the website and the browser will be reading the virtual address or the address from the region you chose your server from. The IP address can be used by hackers and scammers, but it can also be used by the government or the ISP (Internet Service Provider) in order to track the internet activity of the user. Note that the ISP and the government do not abuse the gathered information, rather than use it as a precaution measure to prevent any illegal activities.

Internet traffic encryption – The VPN app provides the user with an internet traffic encryption protocol, which allows the app to encrypt all of the data and internet traffic sent from the user’s location. This adds an extra protective layer to online browsing. It forms a shield that is impenetrable by any outsiders or third-party viewers. Making it impossible for hackers to breach into the traffic and steal data from it.

The whole purpose of a VPN is to provide their clients with the maximum security while browsing online. These two major aspects of it are here to create a stable and safe connection that will pose no threat to the user.


What other features can VPN provide for the user?

Of course, the purpose of a VPN is not only to hide the traffic and the IP address. Besides protecting the user, some other benefits of installing a VPN are:

As we see, most VPN features are coordinated to protect the user online and provide the safest and best experience one can get. When buying something online, VPN can assist you by changing the original IP address (physical location) which will optimize the prices for the area you selected. This means that the prices will not be the same and it could be cheaper for you to buy something from a different location.

The amount of available servers to connect to depends solely on the VPN provider

On the other hand, it allows users to bypass any website block or geo-political censorship. Certain governments and websites block access to users who are not from a certain area or country. With VPN you can bypass these blocks by switching your virtual server to the desired country and you will be able to access the desired website.

The benefits of installing a VPN are immense. It is an app that allows the user to be anywhere, at any time, and access all the information needed without limitations. It keeps your identity safe and leaves cybercriminals helpless.

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