Best Android Apps for Toddlers

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Parents are often told by media pundits that smartphones are bad for toddlers, and we’re terrible parents for using technology to entertain them. Poop on that! Our generation was raised on Super Nintendo and we turned out totally fine, didn’t we? And we didn’t even have all the educational apps available for kids today, we played Mortal Kombat and Super Mario.

Apps don’t always need to be educational, a little mindless fun is perfectly fine. Yes, there are lots of studies linking too much screen time to poor toddler development, but the keyword is moderation.

I’ve put together a small list of apps that should actually keep your toddler entertained, whether or not they’re educational. Some of them are, some of them aren’t, but they should generally keep your toddler quiet for a little while – which is what most of us parents pray for, isn’t it?

Monster Trucks Kids Racing

Monster Trucks Kids Racing

Many children love Hill Climb Racing, but for toddlers, the gameplay can be too difficult as it’s easy to flip and crash the vehicle, and it’s really easy to access the in-app purchases menu.

Toddlers love cars and Monster Truck games, and so Monster Trucks Kids Racing is the perfect alternative for toddlers.

The gameplay is nearly exactly the same as Hill Climb Racing, but far more toddler-friendly. The child’s vehicle will never crash, so they just need to press the gas button and zoom to the finish line, collecting stars along the way. Your toddler can unlock new monster trucks with their acquired stars, and there are dozens to unlock.

The game has very small banner ads across the top of the screen, where toddlers are unlikely to accidentally tap them. Disabling them costs $.99 cents, but if you launch the game with WiFi turned off, ads won’t display at all.

There are also some great kart-racing games that you can play at CrazyGames, such as Smash Karts, World of Karts, and Baby Race Galaxy.

Baby Panda World

Baby Panda World

Baby Panda World is a hub for all of BabyBus’ baby panda games. Launching the app will show pretty much every available Baby Panda game available, and your toddler can just tap one to download and launch it. It’s far more efficient and convenient than downloading individual Baby Panda games.

There are over 100 game types available, ranging from dress-up games, learning shapes and colors, drawing, cooking, and more.

The developer says the game contains ads and in-app purchases and offers a $.99 purchase to disable ads, but I have literally never seen a single ad or in-app purchase while my toddler plays this app. 

YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids

YouTube is full of ads and inappropriate content for children, which is why Google created YouTube Kids. It displays videos only from channels that strictly comply with YouTube’s “For Kids” policies.

Thus, all of the available videos in YouTube Kids are safe for your toddler to watch and browse, and they’ll find all of their favorite channels like Blippi, Diana & Roma, PinkFong, LittleBabyBum, and more.

There are no ads like on regular YouTube, which is also a major plus. However, one flaw of YT Kids is that video quality settings are not available, which means all videos will stream in the highest available quality. This can really eat into your mobile data plan, so its best to pre-download videos on a WiFi connection for offline viewing if your toddler has any particular favorite channels.

Antistress - Relaxation Toys

Antistress – Relaxation Toys

While not specifically for toddlers, the Antistress – Relaxation Toys app is actually perfect for them. The app is a collection of relaxing activities like tapping the screen to chop carrots, or using your figure to drag a lawnmower around and cut grass, or setting off fireworks. It’s mindless fun intended for stress relaxation, but for some reason, my toddler absolutely loves it.

There are no ads, a big collection of free toys already available, and you can unlock all of the premium content for $1.49.

Moy 7

Moy 7

There’s no denying that children absolutely love the My Talking Tom apps, but they are one of the worst offenders of manipulative advertising and greedy in-app purchase practices. Even if you pay to disable ads in My Talking Tom, the app still displays misleading buttons that show more ads.

Furthermore, everything in My Talking Tom costs coins, even his food and repairing his toys that randomly break, and of course, Outfit7 sells coins as in-app purchases while giving a piddly amount of coins as in-game rewards.

A great alternative is Moy 7. It offers nearly the exact same gameplay as My Talking Tom, where you need to feed Moy, brush his teeth, and play games with him. But unlike My Talking Tom, there are practically no ads, Moy’s toys don’t break randomly, Moy doesn’t refuse to play games if he’s tired and then offers to sell you an energy-boost potion for real money..

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