Best Batman: Arkham Origins Tricks And Hints

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By now you’ve probably gotten settled into the seedy underbelly of Gotham in Batman: Arkham Origins. However, we’re willing to bet you haven’t managed to earn each and every costume possible, or enjoyed playing through the sequel with Big Head Mode turned on. For you, our friends, we present the Best Batman: Arkham Origins Cheats to help you get all the cool stuff.

Batman: Noel Costume

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Batman: Arkham Origins takes place on Christmas Eve, so it’s only appropriate the costume from Lee Bermejo’s A Christmas Carol-inspired Batman tale is included in the game. To earn the outfit, all you’ve got to do is complete the Story mode, and you’ll find it in the Batcave’s wardrobe area.

Blackest Night Batman Costume

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One time, Batman was dead. Well, not really. He was trapped in time, but everyone thought he was dead. Anyway, during the Blackest Night storyline, zombie Batman was brought to life with a black power ring. You can play as the husk of Bruce Wayne after you prestige in multiplayer.

The Dark Knight Batman Costume

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Batman’s seen plenty of different costumes over the years in the comics, and the movie adaptations are no different. Almost every single film has seen a different Bat-suit, but you can get a Dark Knight trilogy-inspired outfit by finishing off all the Dark Knight challenges in Arkham Origins.

Injustice: Gods Among Us Batman Costume

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Earlier this year, Warner Bros. Interactive and NetherRealm teamed for another fighting game, this time taking place entirely within an alternate DC Universe. Though it was filled with familiar characters, almost all of the costumes were new, including Batman’s. To get Injustice Batman, you’ll only have to earn every single medal in Challenge mode.

Batman Earth 2 Costume

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Batman’s Earth 2 counterpart in the New 52 Universe at DC has a pretty sweet costume. It’s a bit inspired by the Flashpoint garb of Thomas Wayne, but you can wear the duds if you finish the first tier of the Batman: Arkham Origins mobile game, and have your WBID account tied to both games.

Superman: Red Son Batman Costume

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Superman: Red Son is one of the best alternate universe takes on the DC Universe we’ve seen in the past decade. It’s there a revolutionary Batman takes the fight to the socialist regime Superman. To get the ushanka-wearing Batman, you must have earned 10 costumes in the Arkham Origins mobile game, and have your WBID account tied to both versions.

Batman One Million Costume

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Way back when, visionary comics writer Grant Morrison created a DC Comics event dubbed One Million. There, the future versions of the current DC heroes teamed with those we know and love to take down Vandal Savage. Everyone got some radical design changes to their costumes, and you can get Batman’s One Million outfit merely by synching your WBID to the console game from the main menu.

Big Head Mode

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While the Batman: Arkham games have typically been light on codes, the Arkham City introduced Big Head mode to the series, and Origins follows suit. To activate Big Head Mode, you must be playing on Normal difficulty or higher. At any point, take out your cryptographic sequencer, hold L2 and R2 (or LT and RT), and spin the left analog counter-clockwise and the right analog stick clockwise ten times.

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