Best Browser Games Online in 2016

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Best Browser Games

2016 was an amazing year for gaming with the next-gen consoles and virtual reality headsets offering us some startling examples of how complex video gaming has become.

But for sheer convenience, it’s online browser games that still present the best option. And whilst browser games used to be fairly underwhelming, there have been real advances in 2016 with everything from strategy titles to online bingo options showing how browser gaming is sometimes the best.

A quick look at popular browser gaming websites like Kongregate and Miniclip shows the massive range of genres available. What’s best is that all of these games are free and you can play them instantly – as long as you don’t mind the occasional annoying advert popping up.

From sports to puzzles to shoot-em-ups, it can be hard to know where to begin, but simple titles like Agar instantly show how even being a single-celled blob can be pretty entertaining.

Best Browser Games

Games like this and have become huge hits for anyone who isn’t looking for amazing complexity. They can be played with the minimum effort as you simply aim to become bigger by gobbling up food and your opponents.

Similar simple gameplay can be found at titles like Color Switch that require little more than a few clicks on your mouse to get straight into the action. But if you’re looking for something a little more involving then strategy titles like 1941 Frozen Front present no end of complex battle scenarios as you aim to take your tanks to victory.

Even something as old-school as bingo has successfully entered the browser-gaming realm with Coral’s gaming website offering plenty of bingo rooms and some very handy bonuses to add some festive cheer to your gameplay.

If bingo bonuses aren’t enough to get your heart racing, then trying some of the great browser shoot-em-ups like Superhot. This offers some great time-based FPS action that’ll keep you gripped to your screen, whilst the intense racing action offered by Supercar Showdown shows how even sports simulations have been successfully adapted for browser gaming.

Perhaps it’s the fact that browser games offer incredible simplicity that has helped them become so successful. Anybody can quickly get to grips with games like online bingo and it shows that although console gaming is increasingly becoming more complex, for a quick game, it’s hard to compete with the impressive range of browser titles that came out in 2016.


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