The Best Calorie-Counting Apps For Android

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Fitness enthusiasts face a big challenge on how to keep tabs on the number of calories they burn during various activities, against those that they burn. Bodybuilders who use HGH and Peptides to enhance muscle growth, also require a way to count the number of calories they take in and burn. The Android app store is loaded with a plethora of apps that are useful for counting calories. I have made a list of the best calorie-counting apps for Android.



Any person, who uses Android and is keen about keeping track of their nutrition data, knows about this app. Its popularity is because it offers different options how to determine the amount of food to eat, the number of calories in different foodstuffs, and the number of calories burnt through various activities. According to Playstore data, this app has very high numbers of downloads and has already hit more than ten million downloads. Furthermore, it’s impressive rating of over 4.5 stars out of 5 is also a contributing factor for its popularity.

Lose it

This is one of the best apps any fitness enthusiast could ask for. The app mainly counts calories. It has a free version and a premium option with numerous capabilities. With the standard free version, users get a calorie counter, a dietary plan, and a barcode scanner to access additional materials online. The beauty of using this calorie counter is that it can be connected to other fitness apps like Runkeeper, Google Fit and MyFitnessPal for more data. According to various fitness experts, this app is worth using for people who want to keep accurate data about their calories.


Anyone who has come across this app will agree that it is a handy app. It counts the number of calories one uses against what is burnt. However, that’s not all; it goes on to analyze the calories in further detail and present data in a way that can be easily understood. This app can help individuals who want lose more weight more quickly through its calories equation. The app has add-ons at a cost if you prefer to use them.


For people who like to keep it simple, and just want to keep a straightforward check on their calories, then this is the app to use. The main feature includes a diary where the user can record the calories that were consumed and burned. However, a few additional features like the barcode scanner and a calendar are also available for use. The latest upgrades to the app have seen features like widgets, a list of restaurant locations and other useful information. This app lets you can sync login with Facebook or Google.

Diet Watchers Diary

This app may look complicated. However, this is one of the best apps that customize the app to the user’s preferences and needs. A user needs to do input and build up data on foods being consumed and activities that are being done. The app then uses this information to analyze and then advise on the best course of action to achieve the user’s desired goal. The BMI calculator and barcode scanner are main features of this app.



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