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You already know that CS GO has been the latest sequel in this franchise. Game betting has been more than just popular in the last couple of years, and we believe the trend is going to last for a long period of time. This eSports game is simply stunning and something we all need.

After finding a betting site, you can get real money. This is classical esport betting we all know and use. However, a user can place a bet using game skins, which isn’t always available. Today, we will present best and the ultimate csgo betting sites available right now.


CSGO Betting Sites: How to Find Them?

To find the best CSGO betting site, a player needs to consider several factors. The first one is the number of markets. A user needs at least 25, but more is merrier. This allows you to simply have more options when placing a ticket. You can enjoy more and win more.

Secondly, betters need to consider promotions or offers. Most of these sites will offer a welcome bonus. It is used for new betters, and it comes in the form of a free bet like C$10. You can use that ticket to place a bet on CSGO literally for free. Keep in mind that all of those promotions come with requirements.

Payout rate is also something to consider. 93% should be the lowest minimum. Anything higher is more appealing. Under 93% is low and should be avoided. Don’t forget that even 90% is low and we do not recommend playing there.


CSGO Betting: Strategies

There are several strategies players can use when placing a bet on this particular game. The best one is D’Alembert. A player should place a bet of C$10. If you lose, place C$11. If you lose again, then you will need to place C$12. But, when you win, you should place the next one of C$11. Repeat this.

Team Rankings is the next strategy. Here you will find teams that have been increasing their winnings over a short period of time. Bet on them simply because they have the best odds for winning.


eSports Betting: Basics

Placing a bet on CSGO is extremely simple. The same process applies to all other esports. All you have to do is to create an account at a site, add funds and then place a bet on a team you think will win. Within minutes you will know the result.

CSGO is slightly different, meaning there are more options, and all of them will be discussed below.


Bet On CS GO: Available offers

All of the below options apply to CSGO but also to other esports. These are simple offers you need to use at some point. The first one is boosting the odds. It happens rarely, and a bookmaker will do this with specific matches. The odds will be extremely high and should be used.

Enjoying a free ticket or the first free offer is important. A bookmaker will provide users with a free first offer once a player deposits funds. You can use that ticket for CSGO, and even if you lose, nothing bad will happen.


CS Go Bets: Tournaments

CSGO is also paired with tournaments. Here you can see two main options. The first one is a major event such as Dream Hack. Here you can see amazing teams and rivalry is epic. Prizes are massive, as you would expect.

Minor tournaments are more common, but they offer smaller prizes. Anyway, you can participate and still have a great time.



All major elements of the CSGO have been explained. We believe players will understand this form of gambling more. It is fun, appealing and desirable in lack of a better word.

Description: In this article you can check details about best CSGO betting sites, how to bet on CS GO and also how to understand CSGO betting. Use these facts on all eSports options you can see.

Meta description: here are the best CSGO betting sites revealed so you can place the ultimate bet and you can learn how to win big time.





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