Best Gadgets To Look Forward in 2017

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If you still have not bought your holiday gifts yet, then these gadgets will help you get the best gifts of the year. Nowadays, technology advancements, our surrounding world is changing immensely. The fast and impressive progressive rate of technology and science make it a little bit difficult to create a list of the top gadgets of the year. But, after hours of research and checking reviews from the field experts, I have compiled this list of the best gadgets of 2017. Check it below.

Samsung’s Foldable Smart Phone

1) Samsung’s Foldable SmartPhone

The leading Korean news site has recently published an article reporting that Samsung is going to release a foldable smartphone in the year 2017. Samsung has registered the patent of the smartphone with the images of the phone design. The analyzation of images and patent, it seems like the new Samsung phone will have a “clamshell-style” design. The device has hinged on the edges which makes it have a similar look to Microsoft’s Surface Book.


  • Rather than having two separate screens, the phone will have a single and bendable panel
  • You can move the hinge of the edges upwards and downwards to fold or bend the device in different places you want
  • The phone is said to be launched in 2017

Google’s Pixel 3 Laptop with Android OS

2) Google’s Pixel 3 Laptop with Android OS

As per the news, Google is planning to work with the Android and Chrome OS on more and more devices next year. The new Android OS will be called ‘Andromeda’ which will be released with the new Pixel laptop launch in Q3 2017 by the company. The whole project is named as ‘Bison’ and the new product will be a brand new and first showcase by Google with the combination of Android and Chrome OS in a laptop.

The ‘Bison’ is the pinnacle of years of work of Google’s teams of Pixel and Android. The Andromeda is completely a distinct effort by the tech giant for bringing the Android applications to Chromebooks. But that does not mean that Bison will be marketed as the Chromebook. It will be having a 12.3” ultra-thin display which will also support the tablet forms. It will be powered by an Intel i5 processor with 8/16 GB RAM and 32/128 GB of storage. It will come with a battery backup of around 10 hours and other useful features. I am seriously excited to see what the Bison impact will be made on the market next year!

Sony A7R II Camera

3) Sony A7R II Camera

For the past few years, Sony is really challenging the dominated world of Cameras from Nikon and Canon. The company is launching new and exciting products at frequent times, and the announcement of A7R II has already created a lot of excitement in the photography world.

The Sony A7R II will be a perfect camera for the landscape and portrait modes photography with its huge 42.4-megapixel lenses. Its solid and compact design is featured with impressive video shooting capabilities. It comes with the world’s first back-illuminated full-frame sensor which offers higher resolution, more readout speed, and sensitivity. The new uncompressed 14-bit RAW format provides unbeatable quality and a very specific photographic concern called Tonal Nuance. The 5-axis image stabilization captures close-ups and night scenes in maximum clarity. The lovers of photography will also love this product when it is available for use.

HTC Vive 2 VR Headset

4) HTC Vive 2 VR Headset

We know that the VR headsets like Facebook’s Oculus Rift and HTC’s Vive track your head positions and allows you to have more realistic exploration in the world of virtual reality. But they needed to be tethering with a powerful PC and installation of positioning hardware to work perfectly. After the release of the Vive VR system in April 2016, HTC is looking to cut the cable from the PC with its new launch of the Vive 2 VR headset.

Though HTC did not reveal much about what Vive 2 will offer to its users, the second-generation VR headset will surely answer the shortcomings. It will offer a more integrated solution than its predecessor. It will be smoother than the original one with the jumped refresh rate of 120Hz from the previous 90Hz. This high-ended VR handset is likely to be launched in the mid of January – 2017.

Nintendo Switch

5) Nintendo Switch

If you are a fan of Nintendo, then March – 2017 will give you something big for sure. The iconic video game company will release Nintendo Switch this year which is a new type of gaming console. It will work with televisions and also can be used as a portable gaming system.

The ‘Nintendo switch’ is a brand-new concept. The exact release date, full demonstrations, configuration details of the product, and other related specifications will be announced by the company later in January – 2017. The Nintendo Switch will cost around $200 mark to its users. Like the other classic consoles of Nintendo such as the Nintendo DS series, the Nintendo Switch will use cartridges.


As with the year progression, we expect something a bunch of cool new and exciting gadgets to be launched. The gadgets shown above are likely to be launched in the year 2017. Mention in the comment which gadget you will like to buy and which other gadgets you know might be interested in the other users. A Presto!


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