Best Gadgets to Give to Your Boyfriend in 2018

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 Of course, a real man can live without any devices. However, at the same time, everybody understands all the advantages that technological progress.

An interesting gadget as a gift is a great and useful solution when you do not know what to give to your boyfriend. It does not matter how old a man is, whether he is 20 or 45 years old, they will be equally pleased to get something from the list below.

Power bank

Power bank

In the network, you can systematically meet news about new types of power banks, which charge in a couple of minutes and have a huge capacity. However, as you can see, all this is still at the research stage. Therefore, even a classic power bank is akin to a first-aid kit in a car; it can be useful at any time.

People actively use this device when they get out in nature or forget their chargers. For example, a power bank of 10,000 mAh can charge a smartphone from scratch 3-4 times (or a quadcopter, audio speaker, and other gadgets). Choose a reliable gadget at a good price. In addition, a device should meet safety and security standards as well as have the function of fast charging, be able to recognize the types of connected devices and lower the current if you need to charge BT headphones or fitness bracelets.

Fitness bracelet

If your boyfriend is interested in observing his vital activity at the level of the organism, or he plays sports and wants to control his workouts, then he will need such a useful thing as a fitness bracelet. Nowadays, you can find many different options, which will certainly meet even the strict requirements. Usually, a fitness bracelet can track sleep and calories and give detailed information about your activity thanks to the built-in distance meter, pedometer, and heart rate monitor. A special mobile application will allow viewing statistics on the duration of the various phases of sleep. In addition, there is a smart alarm clock, call notifications and unlocking a smartphone or tablet. By the way, the most popular models of a bracelet support different mobile platforms.



If you understand that your boyfriend needs something more than just a fitness tracker, and he adores modern technologies, then a smartwatch will become an indispensable helper in everyday life. It is a convenient device, which assumes some of the functions of a smartphone, including calls, messages, navigation, and it can receive notifications from applications. In short, it is the best thing when you are too lazy to go for a smartphone. In addition, the risk that a phone will fall out of hand is reduced, as there is no need to constantly interact with it. Some developers have created a special version for lovers of fitness and sports. It is waterproof and has an application, which allows tracking your activity. Built-in a heart rate monitor and gyroscope will hardly impress somebody.

Bluetooth speaker

What is always lacking in nature, the beaches, or when his friends are too noisy? Music! No smartphone will give you a powerful enough and high-quality sound. If you are going to buy a Bluetooth speaker for your boyfriend, don’t be stingy. Look at models that cost about $70 or higher. They have great loudspeakers which are capable of covering a fairly large space as well as protection against water and pollution. So dust and dirt will not affect their work. In addition, expensive models have good batteries or a memory card slot, which makes them independent from other music sources.

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