Best Gadgets to Use for Mobile Gaming in 2019

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Since technology on mobile phones is rapidly improving, we can enjoy playing high-quality video games. Mobile gaming is also on the rise in recent years and it is expected to hit 2.7 billion users by 2021 and over $100 billion in revenue. This means that there are more mobile gadgets developed today in order to make the gaming experience more pleasant. Just because you carry your mobile phone everywhere, it makes the perfect time-killer device as you can game wherever you go.

There are many different gaming gadgets to choose from, such as special power banks, manual control expansions, VR headsets, and whole mobile phones designed with gaming in mind.

Let’s see some of the best gadgets to use if you are a true mobile gaming fan.

Gamevice Mobile Controller for iPhone

Usually, high-quality games such as PUBG, Fortnite, GTA had trouble adapting them for a mobile phone just because of the endless controls. Even though they are playable, you cannot become a pro and play as you would play on a console or PC. This is where this gadget comes in. Basically, it is manual controls that can be attached to both ends of the phone similar to the Nintendo Switch. This gadget has multiple buttons making gaming easier than ever and just because the screen sits in the middle, it also provides great visibility and practicality.

Kanex GoPlay Sidekick Controller

This is also another controller for a mobile that can be paired with the phone by Bluetooth. It is sort of like a miniature Xbox controller that comes with an interesting phone stand and an amazing battery that can last up to 20 hours. Even though it is not practical as well as the Gamevice, it is still great for mobile gaming.

Asus ROG 2 Gaming Phone

If you think your regular phone lacks performance-wise and you are serious about your gaming, you should definitely buy this Asus phone. It comes with eight Kryo CPU cores and a processor that can clock up to 2.96GHz. It is basically like being the fastest player in the NFL odds. With its Snapdragon 855 Plus GPU, you will be able to see incredible HDR graphics.

Red Magic Gaming Phone

This is also a gaming phone with slightly lower performance than the Asus as well as a cheaper price. It comes with 8GB of RAM and Adreno 540 GPU. It can also be used as an everyday phone with its 24MP camera and 128GB of storage.

MagiMask High Definition AR Headset

Augmented reality has become a thing that we use every day. AR is basically virtual reality and the real world mixed together. This phone-powered headset is perfect for such occasions and you can explore different games in real life.

Retro Gaming Console Case

If you are tired of the new games on your phone and you want something a bit more retro, you can go for this Gameboy lookalike case that can be mounted on the backside of your device. However, the case does not just protect the phone but also has built-in controls and an LCD screen on which you can play retro games like Formula One Racing, Tank, or Tetris. It is great fun to use and looks interesting.

VR Goggles for Smartphone by Merge

There are many different virtual reality goggles nowadays, but is a super-affordable headset that will allow you to fully experience virtual reality through your phone and tackle any game that has VR capabilities. It has built-in buttons that control the interaction with the environment.

These are some of the best mobile gaming gadgets on the market today. Most of them are affordable gadgets that can be used to improve your mobile gaming experience. So, if you are serious about your gaming and want to try something new, make sure you buy these gadgets and you would not regret your decision.



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