Best Games to Play in Your New iPhone or Android Phone

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Often, we find ourselves in a situation when we are bored but not ready to take a nap. This can be on a trip or even an event. When boredom hit, the only way to counter it is if you get something that stimulates your brain. Our mobile phones are our biggest consolers at such times. If you are an avid gamer and find yourself in this situation, your iPhone or Android phone will handle this correctly.

2019 got you covered with new and fun games for your tablets or smartphone. Some of these games are free while others cost a few bucks. All in all, they provide the entertainment your heart desires. Our picks will fit you well this time. Check out these games below;

Reigns; Game of Thrones

  1. Reigns; Game of Thrones

April was when all the Game of Thrones fanatics looked forward to. The fun that comes with watching this series is unexplainable to most of them. Nevertheless, did you know that you can play the same game on your phone but this time around you control the kingdom? The Reigns series is an exciting way to see how all the tough decisions you make have an impact on your monarch. Sitting of the throne comes with challenges that only you can experience if you take the wheel by purchasing the game at a very subsidized cost.


  1. Fortnite

Fortnite is one of the world’s most popular games in 2019. The game also makes a good fit for your phone. Although you can’t compare your touchscreens’ control to that of a keyboard and mouse feel headshots, your phone still offers an excellent opportunity. This is especially true if you have to complete those pass challenges and you cannot wait until you get home. This game is free, and you can, therefore, download it for your phone.

Civilization VI

  1. Civilization VI

Have you seen the latest game on Civilization VI? Perhaps this is the most excellent game you can play on your phone in 2019. The game has many turn-based strategies, especially if you have experienced it on a computer. Fortunately, these features have been squeezed t fit in your phone’s screen. Though it is not the best way to play the game, it is still a better way to get the fun especially if you find yourself idle for a couple of hours.

Pocket run pool

  1. Pocket run pool

By now, I am sure that most of you have experienced chess or solitaire games on your phones. Fortunately, the same is out for the lovers of the pool. The game works by turning the pub staple into a one-person experience. As you go on, the rules and table change thus ensuring you get high scoring every time.

Real Racing 3

  1. Real Racing 3

There is a bunch of people who are interested in burning rubber in recreated cars or real tracks all around the globe. If this is your fun type, Real Racing 3 is the game to choose for your phone. With it, you can have countless events to enter, enjoy customized options, and have cross-platform multiplayer. You can get this game from Google Play or Amazon.

King of Crabs

  1. King of Crabs

Not all games are meant to make you get entertained; others are made to tell real stories. King of Crabs works by making you hit other crabs on the head until you become the biggest crab, their king. With this game in your iPhone, you have more than 99 players to plays against, collect new crabs on your way, and also customize them using your items and weaponry. You can choose to play against other players (PvP) or even against the computer instead. Though the game is free to play, you can spend a little dime to purchase some items that help you in winning.

Dark echo

  1. Dark echo

If you are looking for a way to spook yourself, Dark Echo is here to give you that feel. In this game, you are trapped in darkness and the only way out is if you visualize some of the sounds you make off surfaces. Unfortunately, those sounds attract other things thus creating a tense and terrifying environment. To get the best experience, play it with headphones and in a dark room and seated on one of the best folding chairs in the market.

Gaming is one of the best ways to keep you entertained and active. Being a hobby to many, you should not let a journey or a boring event prevent you from bypassing the hurdles you left in your last game on your computer. Phone games offer the same experience anyway!

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