Best Gaming Consoles Of All Time

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Best Gaming Consoles Of All Time

Gaming has come on leaps and bounds in the short period of time that it has spent on the market and we only expect gaming to improve dramatically in the future. Due to this, the progression shown over the past two decades has been rather impressive and so we thought we’d create a list of the best gaming consoles of all time.

One of the classic consoles that were one of the most popular consoles of its time is the PlayStation 2 which was initially released back in 2000. On its first weekend of release, it became the fastest selling consoles of all time having sold 155 million units. This console grabbed the attention of many gamers in its infancy as it brought out some of the most famous games in history including Grand Theft Auto, Grand Turismo, FIFA, and Ratchet & Clank.

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Way before the PlayStation 2 was one of the original gaming consoles that ensured that we fell in love with the industry in the first place which was the Super Nintendo Entertainment System which was released back in 1990. This gaming system gives us memories of the all-nighters playing with our friends on what seemed like a revolutionary bit of tech when it was first released and really captured the hearts of many gamers. Although this might not have been the console with the widest variety of gameplay to play or the best graphics, this was the console that started the revolution in the first place.

Xbox 360 is the final console that we will speak about and it was the first console that was able to benefit from Wi-Fi which allowed us to play online with our friends which were certainly a game-changer in the industry. This was the first console in which we could play on Party Chat with our friends which allowed for us to talk to all our friends via headsets whilst all playing different games which enhances the gaming experience tremendously. The Xbox 360 went up against the PlayStation 4 in terms of competition and certainly blew it out of the water in terms of sales.

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