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In our day and age, owing to the definite increase in computing power in our everyday carry, talented developers are unveiling more digital stores fun packed with cutting-edge titles, bringing 3D games and more, all-immersive and entertaining straight to our mobile devices. Moreover, mobile phone systems have made huge progressions in such a short duration of time, from not only employing alluring designs that ravish the hearts appeal, to what’s inside a smartphone such as a powerful processor, infinite memory storage, as well as ultra-high resolution displays, and prolonged battery life. To that end, the best smartphone for gaming has more than one right answer, for when innovation meets computing success, enhanced gaming experience becomes a reality.

That being said, while performance factors such as frame rates really matter, not all smartphones are meant for gaming. For online mobile gamers, you might want to pay attention to which network is most suitable for a smooth gaming experience.

That being said, while performance factors such as frame rates really matter, not all smartphones are meant for gaming.

Here are the finest smartphones for gaming based on performance, battery capacity, and display.

Samsung Galaxy S9


When considering the best smartphone for gaming, it all boils down to mainly three considerations i.e. performance, battery life, and display. The Samsung Galaxy S9+ soundly checks all of those boxes effectively becoming a smartphone unrivaled in the Android universe. While retaining a nearly indistinguishable form factor to its predecessor the Samsung Galaxy S8, its refined improvements to its performance and display make the S9 a top for pro and novice gamers alike. From enhanced processors with more performance power to beyond top-end specs such as Samsung’s Superior Gaming Mode, outstanding hardware, and improved battery performance, the Samsung Galaxy S9+ is a winner continuously evolving the Samsung ecosystem and immersing players in an enriching gaming experience.

iOS 11.3.1

2. iPhone X

Standing out amongst the most hyped smartphones of the century and a true gaming machine, the latest entry not only features apple’s avant-garde internals but also astounds in gaming collection featuring thousands of titles only available to its in-house users. Taking a step towards Apple’s future, the iPhone gets rid of key elements akin to preceding makes, for instance, fingerprint Touch ID scanner, as well as the home button, and instead introduces features such as new techniques of navigation and Face recognition further electrifying the overall experience. Moreover, the smartphone makes use of its first-rate A11 Bionic Chip that features a 64-bit architecture, embedded M11 motion coprocessors, 3GB of RAM, as well as a neural engine, all under a 5.8-inch Super Retina Display boasting of a 2436 x 1125 pixels resolution collectively delivering some awesomely powerful results. Other features include Apple’s new firmware which adorns Apple’s Advanced Augmented reality giving developers a whole new environment in creating next-level immersive gaming experience.

OnePlus 5T


Originally established as a start-up in China, the OnePlus line-up has grown to be a key player in today’s Smartphone market well adorned by players all around the world. To that end, the OnePlus 5T delivers on the company’s long-standing reputation boasting a Snapdragon 835 processor, 6 GB worth of RAM, a 3300 milliamp-hour battery, and 64 or 128 GB worth of storage capacity all under an AMOLED 6-inch display. Its Excellent hardware and open-source operating systems grants users a truly dependable smartphone, unbeatable in price range considering what it offers, and remarkable in performance all offering a smooth gaming delight.



Standing out as one of the cutting-edge arrivals to the smartphone market, the Razer Phone spared no expense in delivering the finest of mobile gaming experience. Boasting a 5.71 inches 120Hz IPS LCD display the mobile phone offers a truly fluid and exceedingly responsive experience like never before. In addition to offering a crispy, immersive and fast response display, its first-rate Snapdragon 835 processor, massive 8GB worth of RAM, combined with an internal storage of 64GB, and an Adreno 540 GPU not forgetting of its massive 4,000 mAh battery the Razer Phone is set to deliver a top-class gaming and immersive experience like never before.



The up-to-date of Motorola’s spectacular modular line-up, the Moto Z2 Play although featuring a slightly smaller battery capacity than forerunners comes built up with a 4GB RAM and a Snapdragon 626 processor. That being said, the real adornment to the Moto Z2 Play is its modular setups commonly referred to as the Moto Mods. One Moto Mod that is avid to smartphone gamers is the Moto GamePad Mod, which lets user’s trade touchscreen controls for the use of physical buttons and joysticks.

In all considerations, picking the winner out of the listed options really is a hard choice. Sure, the Samsung S9+ checks all the boxes for an excellent gaming machine, while the iPhone X stands out with its Apple first-rate internals and Augmented reality firmware, not forgetting the Razer Phone’s top-notch specs and refresh rate, or the Moto Z2 Play modular capabilities. All the mobile phones stand out with some truly amazing features and designs akin to their own lineup, to that end you can’t really go wrong with any selection on this list. Moreover, make use of discount codes to get the best price offers available in the market. Don’t miss out!


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