Best Homegames During And Beyond Lockdown

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Being Quarantined indoors in the middle of a Global Pandemic can easily get tiring. We believe homegames are the ultimate remedy to kill your boredom. Homegames aren’t just fun and time-killing, but they are equally productive. Family and friends can get the most out of these games during a lockdown and even beyond the extension of the lockdown. Some of the best homegames available now are listed below:

Scrabble Go Game

Scrabble Go Game – Scrabble Go is the digitized version of the scrabble board game. The game is all about brain teasers and testing of vocabulary in the best possible way. The players can compete against the computer to brush up their skills and power up in the practice mode. After you hone your skills, you can play with your friends and families in different challenges. On a fun note, if you want to prank your friend, you actually can cheat using instawordz scrabble go cheater after all to increase the fun.

Top players get to be at the top spot of the leaderboards. Matches that are turn-based are available for the players. They can rank up their levels and earn tiles that are customized. You can access your profile to keep track of the progress you’re making. The statistics of the average scores, the longest words used, and more options to improve your skills can be done by accessing your profile, If you want to unscramble the words follow the link.


Dreidel Game – The game of Dreidel is a traditionally-based Hanukkah game. It is played by spinning the dreidel and is famous among thousands of Jewish families around the world. The game consists of a varying rule that is meant to be carried out throughout the game. There are no limitations to the number of people that can take part. Every player starts the game on an equal footing by obtaining an equal number of game pieces.

The pieces include pennies, matchsticks, nuts, raisins, and chocolate chips.

Each player should insert one game piece in the pot. Whenever the pot gets emptied or has one game object left, the players should insert the piece in the pot. You have to spin the Dreidel once each time your turns come. You have to get or give pieces from the pot, depending on where it lands. There are transliterations of every letter in some Dreidels for people who aren’t fluent in Hebrew. There is also a cheat sheet available in the absence of the transliterations.


Wordscape – Wordscape is a game that features elements of a crossword puzzle and the word search game. Each player is given a few numbers of letters. They are given the time to form a word from the letters at their disposal. You can easily unscramble words to form a word of your choice.

If you find it difficult, then you can use about 100 coins to purchase and receive a hint.

You can press on the button to capture word definitions as well. Puzzles are piled up as sections of sunrise and forest, where the players progress with the completion of each round. With the advancement of levels, the wording gets difficult.


Word Whomp – Word Whomp requires only one player. The game can be played online or by downloading it to your computer. You will be given a specific set of letters to spell as many words as you can within a limited time frame. You should keep track of the clock as you try to find the words. The Gophers present in the game will dig up for bonuses available and vegetables that will help you, while you try to unscramble the words.


Wordscraper – In Wordscraper, each player is given seven tiles to bring words into formation. Players have to layout letters to land on the tiles that are colored. Landing on the colored tiles will result in high scores. The player with the most points takes home the trophy. The game does not have a time limit, unlike scrabble. You can swap letters if you can’t form any high-scoring words.


Lexulous – Lexulous is an intricate word puzzle game, which allows you to form words on the board. Every player should use strategic moves during their turn. New letter tiles should be utilized below the board. The letters should be joined with the ones present on the board. You can join them in vertical or horizontal manners to form a new word.


Wordfeud – Wordfeud is a puzzle game that supports multiplayer. You can compete against your friends and family simultaneously in 30 separate games. Players have to place words on the tile board that is 15 by 15 with the aim of earning points. Players will earn points for their creativity and for placing letters on triple word tiles, double letter, triple letter as well as the double letter, which are all high scoring.

The above-mentioned games are some of the best home games for you and your family to spend time on. These games are designed to be educative and a tool of information for both children and adults. The best part about these games is the fact that they are all free to download. Get yourself one of these home games now.

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