Best iPhone XR Accessories You Need to Buy Right Away

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iPhone XR

The iPhone XS and XS Max are Apple’s most prolific releases till date but iPhone XR seems to have stole away the limelight because of its similarly premium features, lower price tag, and scintillating colours. How about investing the saved money in some of the coolest accessories that you can pair up with your iPhone XR?

Here we have a list of iPhone XR accessories that will elevate your experience with the device.

iPhone XR Cases and Covers

  1. iPhone XR Cases and Covers

You might hesitate to use cases and covers with your iPhone XR as it can ruin the pristine look of the device. Well, we have a few iPhone XR cases & covers that shall protect your device just in style.


Mofi® Tough PC Protective Case with Glass Camera Back

We bet you are going to fall in love with this case. Made up of tough polycarbonate, it has a remarkable glossy finish and sleek design. This cover by Mofi adds richness and luxury to your style while protecting your XR against scratches, impacts, and dreaded falls. And, oh yes, it has an alumina glass protector to cover the iPhone XR’s camera lens so that dirt and dust don’t hinder your photography skills. Already Sold?

Choose among vibrant Red, White, Black, and Rose-Gold colors, whichever suits your personality.

Mofi® Tough PC Protective Case with Glass Camera Back

Nillkin® Clear Soft TPU Protective Case

You can’t hate this case ever because it’s transparent and doesn’t mask your iPhone XR’s original appearance. Built with soft TPU, it’s lightweight, flexible, yet efficient.

The inner edges of the case have an anti-skid lining to ensure the security of your mobile. The Nillkin logo at the back of the cover adds brand-value to your iPhone XR. Besides all this, you get to enjoy the precise cutouts that let you access ports, camera lens, and side buttons comfortably.

  1. iPhone XR Mobile Charger Accessories

Keeping your iPhone XR’s battery full is the highest priority hence, chargers are a necessity. From wired chargers to wireless ones, there is a large variety to choose from.

Nillkin® Clear Soft TPU Protective Case

The Fone Stuff® Airvent Qi Wireless Charger Phone Holder

A device that acts both as a charger as well as a holder and lets you charge your phone while driving. This charger phone holder by The Fone Stuff is all you need if you are an avid GPS user while hitting the roads.

With a high-output of 10W, it chargers your iPhone XR within a few minutes. No matter how significant the impacts are, it keeps hold of your device firmly. Moreover, the 360-degree clamp design allows you to adjust it as per your convenience.

The Fone Stuff® 3 Port USB/USB C Travel Charger Portable Plug

The Fone Stuff® 3 Port USB/USB C Travel Charger Portable Plug

Ever felt like charging four of your devices simultaneously and saving an ample amount of your time? If yes then, this charger is made exclusively for you. It has 1 Quick Charge 3.0 Port, 2 Smart Charging Ports, and 1 Type C USB port.

Now you can have all your devices juiced up without worrying about heat dissipation, over-charge, and over-voltage.

  1. iPhone XR Holders, Desk Stands, Mounts Tripods

Other accessories that provide stability to your iPhone XR while driving, photographing, or shooting videos are the holders and the mounts.

Joyroom® Car Phone Windscreen Dash Mount Holder

Joyroom® Car Phone Windscreen Dash Mount Holder

We know you are super-busy with your work and thus need to handle multiple tasks at the same time. This includes using your mobile phone while driving which is not safe until you have a reliable holder to care for it.

The mount holder by Joyroom sits perfectly on the dashboard of your car and holds your iPhone XR firmly. Enjoy 360-degree angle adjustment and focus more on driving while navigating through your mobile.

The best part? You can wash, dry, and re-use the product.

Haweel® Flexible Mobile Phone Tripod

Haweel® Flexible Mobile Phone Tripod

To err is human; to opt for a tripod is divine! Instability while clicking pictures ruins the fun and adds the unwanted blur effect to the images. iPhone XR inhibits one of the best camera qualities and, thus, you merely need a good tripod like the Haweel Flexible Tripod to fix your device while snapping.

Its strong yet flexible tripod legs allow you to angle your phone at multiple angles while capturing those special moments. Easy to install, carry, and use.

  1. iPhone XR Mobile Headphones & Earphones Accessories

Music is all that we need at the end of a hectic day to relax and ease out. Headphones and earphones come handy at multiple points of the day and, therefore, you need to pair up some of them with iPhone XR.

Joyroom® Wireless Bluetooth Sports Headphones

Joyroom® Wireless Bluetooth Sports Headphones

Using earphones while working out is one of the biggest challenges because they keep falling out from your ears. But worry no more with the Joyroom Sports Headphones.

The earphones have an ergonomic design that fits in your ears and does not fall out even after those intense workout sessions. Connected by a neck wire, they will be closer to you and more secure.

The Fone Stuff® Wireless Bluetooth in Ear Earphones with Charging Box

The Fone Stuff® Wireless Bluetooth in-Ear Earphones with Charging Box

If you need something similar to Apple Airpods but at a cheaper price, we have these wireless candies for you. Embedded with the latest wireless Bluetooth 4.2 (CSR4.2) Technology and A2DP/ AVRCP support, these earphones offer the highest stereo music quality.

It comes with 260mAh Charging Box that can fully charge them up to 2 times keeping you entertained with your favorite music all day without worrying about the low battery.

  1. iPhone XR Ring Holders

The 6.1-inch screen of the iPhone XR is large enough to enhance your navigation experience but, it also needs extra care while you chat or attend calls. That is when ring holders can prove effective.

The Fone Stuff® Elastic Finger Grip Phone & Tablet Holder

The Fone Stuff® Elastic Finger Grip Phone & Tablet Holder

With a slimmer design, this holder doesn’t add significant bulk to your iPhone XR and keeps it flat on the surface. The high adhesive grip sticks to your device’s surface firmly and provides a secure grip while texting, watching movies, gaming, and taking selfies.


That ends our list of best iPhone XR accessories that you must pair up with your phone. In addition to all these accessories, there are quite a few other iPhone XR accessories like tempered glass, power banks, sim cards, dust plugs, keyboards, and speakers that you should definitely look at.

Do let us know your favorite ones in the comments section below.

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