Best Lego Sets for Kids of All Ages

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There’s no denying that building Lego sets is a fun pastime both for the kids and kids-at-heart. You can build your own city, your dream car, and even your dream house. For kids, it’s a great exercise for the brain and also their motor skills. But for adults like us, it’s just a great way to spend time with the little ones.

Now that you spend more time at home because of the global pandemic, you can schedule a Lego building session at least once in a while. You can do this during your break or the weekends!

If you don’t have any Lego sets at home yet, below are some of the great choices that you can buy anytime. Whether you have a toddler, a preschooler, or a young adult, there’s an age-appropriate set for them!


1. Best Lego brick set for ages 1-3

Lego bricks for younger children should be larger so that it’s safer for them. Kids tend to chew everything they get their hands on and there’s a chance that they could accidentally swallow the bricks. That’s why they have to be bigger.

Aside from that, these bricks must be easier to snap together so toddlers can assemble them easily. Here’s an example:

Lego Duplo My First Number Train

This is a 23-piece Lego set. It’s composed of the numbered bricks that serve as the train’s body. It also has pairs of wheels so your kids can move them back and forth. There’s also a boy, a girl, and cat action figures that allow the kids to make their own stories.


2. Best Lego brick set for ages 3-5

For kids that are a little bit older, smaller sizes of bricks can be appropriate for them. But not too tiny because they still have tendencies of putting everything in their mouths. Lego sets with standard smaller sizes are the best for them, like this one:

Lego Duplo Number Town Steam Train

This is a more advanced train set than the first one. It comes with 59 pieces of colored Lego bricks, complete with a small motor so kids can stop the whole train in one flick of a switch.

According to toy experts, these kinds of Lego sets provide kids with a basic look into coding. So if you want to train your child early on, this set could be a good start.


3. Best Lego brick sets for ages 5-7

As kids age, their toys become more complicated. And Lego sets are no exception. Aside from being more complicated, the sets for this age group also tend to be expensive.

During this age, you can expect your kids to build Lego houses or vehicles like the ones below:


4. Lego City Ice-Cream Truck

This Lego set can be overwhelming because there are 200 pieces in it! But it’s still easy to build, especially for kids. Plus, it can be played like a regular toy ice cream truck since it has two pairs of movable wheels.


5. Legal City Police Monster Truck Heist

This is much more complicated than the first one. It’s a collection that’s already set in a particular story, which in this case, is the bank heist. This Lego set is a great way to teach kids the concept of good and bad.

It’s composed of 362 pieces of Lego bricks that when assembled, your kids can make an entire short story out of it. There’s a getaway vehicle in the form of a monster truck, then there are the police cars, motorcycles, and the bank that’s being robbed. It’s also complete with Lego action figures of police officers and other characters.

Once you’ve arranged them one by one, it will start to look like a city or a town where there’s a crime currently going on.

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