The Best Online Slots Based on PC Games

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PC Games

Online slot machine games are becoming increasingly popular across many demographics due to their ability to cater to any specific interests and niches through the chosen themes of these slot machine games. Popular themes for online slots include movies and sports, as well as PC games. For those who love playing PC games, having a slot machine game with the same characters, imagery and music, means you are given an additional way to enjoy the game of your choice. PC games are often created by companies such as www.ubisoft.com, while other companies are responsible for making the affiliated slot machine games. Here are some of the best online slots that are based on PC games for you to try out.



Originally titled Siege of Avalon, SoA has been adapted to Avalon, the online slots game. It is one of the most popular slots games that is based on a PC game. With a huge following, it is no wonder that fan of SoA enjoys the Avalon slots! You are able to play this game of slots. With some of the same soundtracks shared between the PC and slots version of the game, players will enjoy those familiar sounds, while they try to win big! The imagery in this game is simple, but still in line with the overall theme of the game. While the PC game can be complicated for some, this is a much easier alternative for those who still love the world it is set in, but want something with more entertainment value.


Battlestar Galactica

The Battlestar Galactica slots game is really one of the best ones on the market. With the franchise ranging from television to the 2007 PC game, the new machine game is sure to win over a fan’s heart in a minute! The graphics are notably top of the range, in comparison to other slots on the market. This really makes for a wonderful gaming experience that is not only immersive but true to the other forms of media the franchise is involved in. A combination of character pictures used in conjunction with simple letters strikes the perfect balance in imagery. The music is also worth a mention; it really helps to create an atmosphere of excitement and tension that mirrors the player’s experience.


Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider is another franchise that spans its content through various forms of media. Arguably most known as a PC game originally, the tough and sexy Lara Croft has been featured in many Tomb Raider PC games, the original being released in 1996 and the latest version has come out in 2015. In between these years, over 10 other Tomb Raider PC games were released. With the game having two film adaptations to its name, of course, it also has its own successful machine game too! The icons used in the Tomb Raider game are highly reminiscent of graphics used in the original Tomb Raider PC game. This gives it a retro, the 90s feel that will make all those who grew up with the original game feel incredibly happy and nostalgic. The slots games used a five-column format which really makes for exciting playing.


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