Best Places to Visit in Canada

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Canada is the second-largest country in the world, just behind Russia, as it is also the northernmost country, which means that the landscapes that can be found in its territory are a sight to behold. Some of its most famous landscapes are well known in the world, but others are not so much, so today we will tell you what are the best places to visit in Canada.


The spotted lake

100 kilometers from Vancouver, near the border with the United States, we can find this peculiar lake, which offers such a curious sight that it has become an important attraction in recent times. And is that the curious way in which circles are formed in the water leaves all travelers stunned.

This place was considered in the past by the ancient natives as sacred and they thought that the water obtained from the colored dots had medicinal properties.


Banff National Park

Banff National Park is one of the places most appreciated by travelers. This park is located south of the Rocky Mountains, in Alberta. Here we can find many of the most impressive natural wonders that Canada has to offer, including Lake Peyto, whose turquoise color stuns travelers from all over the world.

But this is not the only impressive lake in this natural park, because others such as Lake Agnes, Lake Bow, and Lake Johnson provide an impressive view at this place.


Jasper National Park

Covered between snowy mountains, with dreamlike vegetation, we find Jasper National Park, where we can appreciate much of the native fauna of Canada, such as grizzly bears and elk, as well as glaciers and stunning lakes.


Viking Road

Before Christopher Columbus arrived in America, the Vikings, on their numerous trips, arrived on Canadian shores, settling for a while. That is why today in Terra Nova we can find the Viking road, which connects Leif Eriksson’s house with the Gros national park. The house is over a thousand years old and in addition to containing an important part of the history of the world, it is located in a place where the landscape is incredible and would stun any traveler.


Montreal Botanical Park

This is one of the most important places in the well-known city, occupying more than 75 hectares dedicated to different species of plants, positioning itself as one of the most important botanical parks in the world.

In addition to the great sculptures made only with plants, this place has more than 22,000 different species, therefore, it is one of the most impressive places you can visit in Canada.


Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Canada is not only known for its stunning landscapes since its cities have great cultural proposals. Among them, we can highlight the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, which is located among the 100 best in the world and has a lot of great cultural proposals, as well as magnificent exhibitions. So if you visit this wonderful city you must schedule to visit this place.


Canadian Pacific Railway

Although this is simply a train journey, the landscapes that can be seen from it will leave anyone with their mouths open. The Canadian Pacific Railway offers different destinations, among which we can find the most famous cities, as well as other less known places, such as Churchill, a location that, although very small, keeps within it a wonder that makes it worthy to mention: it is the place in the world where we can find the most polar bears. As also on its coasts we can observe whales, among other great animals. If you don’t mind the cold, we recommend visiting Churchill.


Visit Canada

As we have seen, there are many places to visit in Canada, not only the Niagara Falls or the CN Tower, this is a very large country and therefore within it, there are a lot of wonders.

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We hope that these beautiful places to visit in Canada will encourage you to visit this beautiful country that year after year receives so many tourists.

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