The Best Smart Phones to Play Online Casino Games on

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Whipping your phone out during the daily commute to get a few hands of poker in or grabbing five minutes at the office desk to play a few spins on the slots is commonplace these days especially with the ease of use of many casino games through applications on our smartphones.

However, some online experiences are better than others with the experience largely relying on the smartphone you possess.

We have taken a look at some of the best smartphones to play online casino games on and why they make the experience so good.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung’s Galaxy S7 edge is perhaps most famous for its curved viewing screen reaching around the edges to maximizes its 5.5-inch screen and make playing casino games, in particular, a delight.

Samsung’s flagship phone is also the most powerful on the market boasting the latest Snapdragon 820 processor, the Adreno 530 GPU and 4 GB of RAM making even the most graphically challenging game no problem.

Samsung has made the S7 as future proof as possible with these high res processors which guarantees that the phone will still be a major player right up until the release of the S8.

HTC 10

HTC 10

Samsung’s Galaxy S7 may well be the first choice for playing mobile casino games at reputable sites but it also comes at a price in the pocket, HTC’s 10 is not quite so costly as Samsung’s market leader but that does not mean it does not have its own USP’s.

One of the best things about playing casino games online is for the sound effects and funky music and when it comes to audio, HTC’s 10 is a winner.

HTC is renowned for its BoomSound audio and has stereo speakers with only the top speaker front facing.

The bottom speaker now resides on the frame running along the base of the phone and plays the role of a subwoofer.

HTC’s 10 also boasts a lot of the features of the Galaxy S7 such as Snapdragon 820 and Adreno 530 GPU however, the drawback being Samsung’s display being far superior to HTC’s.

Nexus 6P

Nexus 6P

Although Nexus runs Snapdragon 810 and Adreno 430 GPU (slightly inferior to Samsung and HTC), whilst playing casino games you would be hard pressed to notice a difference.

Where the Nexus 6P comes to the fore is in price, a fraction of the cost of Samsung’s S7, all that extra money you have saved will allow you to play away on all your favorite casino games with even more cash to lay with.


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