Best Smartphones For Mobile Gaming

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Smartphones For Mobile Gaming

Smartphones have easily become the most popular form of technology in recent times as we now cannot go anywhere without seeing consumers using their smartphones to go about their everyday lives and the reliance on them is quite incredible. Due to this, many are now using their smartphones as their main form of gaming and so we thought we’d create a list of the best smartphones on the market that are specifically designed for mobile gaming.

One of our favorite gaming smartphones has to be the Lenovo Legion Phone Duel which we are used to seeing computers from Lenovo but with their first gaming phone on the market, it seems like they’ve hit some success. The Legion Phone Duel brings some great gaming-essential features including 90W fast charging, a pop-up camera to ensure that the screen isn’t interrupted as well as a strong processor within the phone so that it can power all your favorite games. This is certainly the best gaming phone on the market, but like the rest of this, that will come at a cost.


Mobile gaming and gambling have gone hand in hand in recent years as there seem to be many crossovers between the two industries. Here at Maximum Casinos, they have noticed a trend of gamers moving over to their casino markets where they are offering a market that can be played on both mobile and computer on your favorite casino games.

The Nubia Red Magic 5G is another smartphone that has been impressive in the gaming field due to a number of reasons including the 144Hz display which is ideal for gamers as they require that fast refresh rate on all their games. The other features that we have liked in the Nubia are the fan and cooling system that it has built internally that will keep the handset cool so you can play your mobile games for hours on end without getting overheated. However, although the Nubia is good for gaming, it does struggle in other areas including the screen quality, and the software used to power the device is outdated now.

And finally, the last gaming phone on our list comes from another company that we are used to seeing in the computer industry is from Asus ROG Phone 3 which again has perks to make itself onto this list like the 144HZ screen which is the biggest on this list at 6.59 inches. Furthermore, it has the most powerful spec too with an 865 Plus chipset and up to 16RAM which only a few years ago was impressive for a computer! Although the ROG Phone 3 does deliver for gamers, it’s super expensive and if we were going to spend this much, we’ve looked at the Legion Phone Duel instead.



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