Best Sniper Rifle Skins in CS: GO

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The devoted players of a famous shooter enjoy playing with different gun types, and due to this, there is a variety of skins in CS: GO. Each team plays with pistols during the first rounds, but the full-buy strategy requires buying assault and sniper rifles.

The players enjoy the last type because of: 

  • The biggest damage for 1 hitting the target.
  • Possibility to efficiently hold positions.
  • Winning clutches and complicated game cases.

For the entire time of availability of skins in CS: GO, the community has highly valued AWP items. Therefore, let’s discover which skins the players primarily enjoy and what is the average price for them in 2022.


Top 5 AWP And SSG 08 Skins in CS: GO

The AWP skins are rare, confirmed by the quality – practically every skin is covert or classified. Here you can find the list of the most adored sniper rifle designs of all time.

CS GO sniper rifle skins

AWP “Asiimov” The skin was added due to the Phoenix operation update, and since that time, it has been one of the most popular AWP skins. The design is detailed and includes orange and white geometric figures, outlining its futuristic style. The critical fact is that the skin doesn’t acquire appearance flaws with the float value decrease – both factory-new and well-worn variants look fantastic. And the price is also high – $70-$240.

CS GO sniper rifle skins

AWP “Graphite” It is a minimalistic but good-looking skin, entirely made in gray. The patterns of different shapes confirm that the weapon is made of carbon. It is one of the first skins in the game, added in 2013 with the Bravo collection. And nowadays it has a price of $170-$350.

CS GO sniper rifle skins

AWP “Dragon Lore” There are a lot of legends about the skin corresponding to its original name. Firstly, only the e-sportsmen had it in their inventories, and “Dragon Lore” was the only skin everybody desired. The design represents an enormous golden dragon covering the gun’s frame with its body. And its price is also fantastic – more than $50,000 for the souvenir item.

CS GO sniper rifle skins

SSG 08 “Big Iron”

The quick and accurate shooting lovers may admire the excellent skin added in 2015 with a Shadow case. “Big iron” is similar to “Asiimov” because it is also futuristic and represents a gun of the future. The weapon is made of several metal elements, and each is covered with light yellow. The players may purchase such a factory-new skin in CS: GO for $18.

CS GO sniper rifle skins

SSG 08 “Turbo Peek” 

The new item was added in 2021 as a skin of the Riptide operation. The design is made in light neon pink colors and includes several sports car pictures. It looks stylish, and that’s why many players wished to get it during the update. And the price is also accessible – $8-9 for the highest quality. As we see, the sniper rifle skins in CS: GO are highly-demanded things. Everybody can choose new skin variations such as “Turbo Peek”, while the others don’t play old-school and enjoy “Asiimov”. The preferences for skins are individual, and it’s hard to choose the one item which suits each player of CS: GO.

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