Best Sports to be a Professional In

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Football Sports

It’s the dream of many children around the world to become a professional athlete and play for their favorite team, whether it’s football, baseball or basketball. While the physical demands of the sport are high, so too are the rewards, with many professional sports stars earning massive salaries in return for their sporting talent and physical abilities.

These three sports earn professionals the highest wages in the industry.


Basketball Player 

Playing in professional basketball games is about much more than just playing scheduled games. Successful players in this sport have to maintain a tough exercise regime and ensure their weight stays consistent in order to achieve the very best conditioning and best performances they can.

Basketball is an intensive sport where only the fittest and most athletic can sustain a career, so regular practice with their teammates is key to success. There’s also a lot of travel involved with being a professional basketball player, which ties in with the demands of the sport. But it’s also a lucrative career if you reach the top spots. NBA players, for example, earn an average salary of $7,422,823 according to Basketball-Reference, which makes them the highest-paid athletes in the sports industry by a considerable margin, compared to other professional athletes.


Hockey Player 

Professional hockey players have to maintain top levels of conditioning to be in with a chance of performing well in games. This is a physically taxing job that can even err on combative, so off-season requirements see players enduring tough game schedules and playoffs to keep their skills refined. The average salary of an NHL team player ranges from $2.35 million to $3.67 million. This is partly due to the relatively small roster of 23 players and a 50/50 split in revenue between owners and players.

The majority of pro hockey players in the US and Canada, where hockey is primarily played, play for one of the 150 minor league teams which command a lower salary of between $40,000 and $90,000.


Football Player 

Football is a globally loved sport to not only play but watch and bet one (check matches at Infogol) that sees players keep up with high levels of aerobic conditioning in order to keep up with the fast pace of games. It’s key that football players are continually practicing to maintain their passing skills, ball handling abilities and to quickly switch tactics to execute different game plans.

Salaries vary considerably depending on the leagues that players are in and the demand for their talents, with some professional players commanding fees that are well into the millions. In European leagues, players regularly earn well over $3 million annually.

The Premier League is the top-earning league in the industry, in terms of revenue, which influences the salary of players competing in this tournament. There is a considerable difference in salaries between professional male footballers and female footballers, however, female football players don’t earn anywhere close to the figure of men. Although the rising popularity of women’s football could see that change in the coming years.

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