Best Tips on How to Win Using Low-Wager Bonuses

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If you want to play at an online casino, one of the first things you should look into is whether it offers a welcome bonus or not. Most online casinos in the UK do provide welcome offers, which reward players who sign up and create an account. These are usually really easy to claim, but they sometimes come with complicated wagering requirements.


What Are Wagering Requirements?

Wagering requirements affect how you can use your casino bonus, preventing you from simply claiming the bonus and withdrawing it. The casino wants to ensure that players who receive the bonus will stay on the site to play, so they put these requirements in place. They dictate how many times you’ll have to wager the full bonus amount before you can withdraw it.

For example, let’s say you receive a £100 bonus, and it comes with 20x wagering requirements. You’d then need to wager the full bonus twenty times. In other words, you can withdraw the bonus when you’ve wagered a total of £2000. A piece of research conducted by Bonusfinder found that most players never get to claim their full bonus, but they’re still fun to use.

Wagering requirements do make it difficult to use bonuses sometimes, as they can be excessively long or complicated. Luckily, there are sites that offer low wager bonuses, which are much easier to claim. Anything above 35x is usually considered high, while anything below 20x is usually considered low, but casinos do change their requirements fairly often. If you want to make the most of low-wager bonuses, we’ve shared some top tips below.


Find the Perfect Bonus

The first step for winning using a bonus is finding the right one for you. There are loads of great bonuses out there to take advantage of, but some are much better than others. In addition, some bonuses are better suited to certain types of players than others. Look around for the best deal, and be sure to check different reviews of sites available in your country.


Read the Full Terms and Conditions

This is one of the most important steps for taking advantage of a casino bonus. All bonuses come with terms and conditions, and it’s your responsibility to read them carefully. Failing to follow the terms of the letter could result in your bonus expiring or being forfeited, which would mean you miss out. As a result, it’s very important to read and understand them, including wagering requirements, game requirements, expiration date, and more.


Find a Game You Enjoy

Once you’re sure you understand the bonus and how to use it, you’ll need to find a game to play. A lot of bonuses have restrictions on which games you can use them on, and most wagering requirements are only activated when playing slots. Try a few different games out if you don’t have a favorite, but make sure it’s a game you really enjoy. The whole point of getting a bonus is to have fun but you should also make sure the game you choose has a favorable return to player rate.


Bet Small but Consistent

Once you’ve chosen a game, make sure your bonus is active, then start playing. Choose a bet and keep it small if possible. A lot of bonuses require you to bet a certain amount for the wagering requirement, so again, you’ll need to follow these terms closely. Stay consistent with your bets and keep playing over the next few days until the wagers are complete. Once complete, you’ll be able to cash out the remaining bonus and any winnings!

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