Bethesda Made the Watch From Starfield

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Watch From Starfield

Announced today during Xbox’s Starfield Direct, an exciting revelation has taken the gaming world by storm. The highly anticipated Constellation Edition of Starfield has made its grand entrance, captivating fans with its immersive offerings. This remarkable edition presents a tangible and functional watch, meticulously crafted to resemble the in-game timepiece.

Bethesda, during their compelling presentation, expressed their dedication to ensuring an authentic experience, aiming to replicate the watch featured in the game’s heads-up display. Furthermore, this remarkable real-world accessory seamlessly connects with your mobile device, adding another layer of immersion. The watch’s accompanying case deserves special mention, as it faithfully emulates the iconic Apollo-era cases that were employed to transport lunar samples. With its unique latch, embroidered patch, watch band, and the awe-inspiring timepiece itself, the Constellation Edition watch is a true collector’s item.

Priced at a cool $299.99 USD, as indicated on the Gamestop store page, the Constellation Edition offers not only the captivating watch but also an array of enticing bonuses. Among them, players will gain five days of “early access” to Starfield, allowing them to embark on their interstellar journey before the official release. Additionally, purchasers will receive the Starfield base game, with the promise of the forthcoming Shattered Space Story Expansion. The Constellation Skin Pack is another enticing inclusion, offering equinox-themed enhancements such as the laser rifle, spacesuit, helmet, and boost pack. Access to the Starfield Digital Artbook and Original Soundtrack adds another layer of artistic delight. To house these treasures, a Steelbook case is provided, exuding a sense of elegance and protection. And let us not forget the Constellation Patch, a symbolic emblem of one’s allegiance to the Starfield universe.

Watch From Starfield

In tandem with the awe-inspiring watch, enthusiasts were treated to the reveal of a limited edition Starfield-themed Xbox Series X|S controller and headset. These stylish peripherals perfectly complement the immersive experience, allowing players to immerse themselves even further into the realms of Starfield. The controller is listed at $79.99 USD, offering precise control and customization, while the headset, priced at $124.99 USD, promises unparalleled audio immersion.

The Xbox Showcase brought an abundance of Starfield-related content, leaving fans ecstatic with the wealth of information unveiled. Among the revelations, an eye-catching addition stole the spotlight—an alluring black Xbox Series S boasting a substantial 1TB of storage capacity. With these impressive announcements, anticipation for Starfield and its accompanying limited edition items has reached astronomical levels, fueling the excitement of gamers worldwide.

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